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Mercer Tunic in Nani Iro

June was Nani Iro month hosted by Miss Matatabi, and I squeaked in this Mercer Tunic before the end of the month. This fabric is a yummy double gauze from the Mountain Views collection. It has a nice metallic sheen. I'm trying out no buttons this time around, more of an open placket. I need to wear it a few times to make sure it doesn't flop open -- but if does, I'll either stitch it in place or add buttons. Just another tunic to add to my collection.. :)


Glea Dress: Sewing Pattern

Finally! Here she is...the Glea Dress sewing pattern. 

The Glea was a blouse from my debut bridal collection. A simple button-up blouse with peter pan collar, it quickly became a favorite. I had always envisioned it as a dress, something comfortable and flowy yet with light darts at the bust. Althought the pattern is designed to be a dress, it can easily be shortened back into a blouse or made sleeveless. 

Hope you enjoy!

Here are a few links that showcase the Glea:

Glea Dress in Floral Silk

Glea Dress in Natural Linen

Selfish Sewing Week : Look 2

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Hannah's Wedding Dress

A New Collection + Press

High Kick



When I was in college I took a couple of printmaking and surface design classes. I had a blast and always wanted to get back into it. Recently I purchased an Indigo Dye Kit for fun and played around with a few yards of white fabric. 

With one piece of yardage, I made a pair of bloomers for my youngest daugther. I could have gone ahead and made the bloomers before dying the fabric but I liked the idea of choosing what part of the dye job I liked best.

Then I went with a Maeve Jumper for the oldest daugther. Both perfect staples for summertime.


Mercer Tunic News

I have news!! I'll be teaching my Mercer Tunic at Trailer Stash Fabrics on July 25th! This is a great space and the trailer (yes, a real trailer) is the cutest fabric shop imaginable. The class is limited so if you are in the area, contact them to reserve your spot.

Take a look at how cute these two tunics turned out from @finestthings. I love her choice of fabrics...gives me a few ideas for my next tunic ;) 

And here is a lovely version from Indie Sew -- speaking of, the pattern is also available for purchase there as well. They have great tips & tutorials and an amazing catalog of indie sewing patterns.


Shine On

It is one of the most exciting feelings to see the things I've made out in the real world. From baby bibs to sewing patterns, I am overjoyed to see a little piece of my world pop up in someone elses. What gets me almost teary eyed is when I see a This Little Light of Mine tee. When I see a gummy baby or roaring toddler wearing this shirt, it makes my heart sing.

My hub has been asking for an adult version for many months now and I haven't yet pulled the plug. If I do, I'll be sure to let you know!

And the 9-month-old with 6(!) teeth who inspired it all...


Sketchbook Explorations #2

I often use the hashtag #justkeepmaking in my instagram feed. That's how I push through. I get stuck sometimes while sometimes I have a million ideas -- either way, I've found that it's most beneficial to my process if I continue to "make" and push forward. So that's what I try to do..every..single..day.


Daisy Dress

I recently started taking a few of my gouache paintings and uploading them to Spoonflower. I'm pretty much obsessed. There is just something about having a package arrive in the mail with freshly printed fabrics of your own design. I decided to make my daugther a Maeve Jumper using my Daisy design printed on cotton lawn ultra. It's the perfect summer dress.

I went with tiny clear buttons for closure and plain white for the lining. I also decided to line the skirt for extra coverage and a little more fluff.

Here is an image of the daisy pattern repeat.


Sewing for Fashion Designers

I recently added another fabulous sewing book to my shelf. This sewing book is SO good. Sewing for Fashion Designers is easy to follow along and super comprehensive. Since I have formal training in fashion design it's great because it has the technical side of how to construct garments but also provides examples that push the envelope in regards to design. This is a great one for beginners (you don't have to be a fashion designer to enjoy it!) and advanced sewers. Garment construction just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, is that normal or is that just me? ;)