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Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration Board

[Images: elizabeth anne designs]
The lovely ladies over at Elizabeth Anne Designs created an inspiration board for my wedding and they could not have been more dead on! I love their ideas and am so pleased with what they created...I can't wait to pull ideas from this board.


Wedding Wednesday

[Images: Large envelope w/ double-sided card]
Now that we have bridesmaid dresses in production, I have been getting the question about shoes. You know the one...what shoes are we going to where? If you haven't figured me out yet, I am not into the matchy-matchy so I created a small mailer to send out to my ladies letting them know my thoughts about the situation. Along with a fabric swatch from their dress, I selected a few shoes that I thought might look cute with the ensemble. I am a sucker for snail mail, so I hope my ladies appreciate their personalized package as much as I enjoyed making them :-)


Furniture Help! Part 2

Remember this guy? We finally bought fabric for a decent price, now we have to find the time to conquer this beast. Anyone upholstered a couch before? This will be our first time, so I will have to let you know how it goes :-)


Are you ready?

I can't wait to see the wedding details from the "Sex and the City Movie"...even if a wedding doesn't occur!


sweet style.

[Images are those of wikstenmade]
Jenny over at wikstenmade has sweet style that I envy...she can put it together so well and even make her own pieces...love it.


Wedding Wednesday

Production of bridesmaid dresses has begun! I was able to spend Mother's Day with my mother and take a look at the making of my bridesmaid dresses....it's so nice to see things coming together! Right now we are trying to decide on different ways to accessorize..dress up..and finish off the perfect look..
We've thought about taking the bottom ruffle and turning it into a bubble dress to give the look a more modern look...we've also thought about coordinating the center ribbon to give the dresses a cohesive look...we've thought adding a decorative stitch to the neckline...we've even thought about using a belt instead of a ribbon...oh the choices!As you can see, we've thought about a lot...decisions, decisions. Feel free to leave any comments or ideas you might have. Two down, six more dresses to go! :-)


Going forth

Each night as I reflect on my day and prepare a blog journal to share with the world, I have a decision to make "What do I want to write about next?" But as sore wrists and hectic schedules interrupt my nightly ritual I have paused to reexamine my purpose. I am inspired daily by my bookmarked blogs which pave the way for me to share my own design thoughts and finds, however, I feel a shift of focus is needed.Over the past few weeks, I have invested more time (and money) into furthering my photography education, thinking more seriously about moving in that career direction. I have also rented a violin and signed up for classes, with hope that I will be able to make more than a screeching noise. And finally, my pilot letterpress is sitting by the window - dusted off and ready to go.This being said, I am hoping to spend my spare time (aka nights after work) pursuing my new hobbies ... but where does this leave the blog, you might ask? I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging about things that cross my path - anything from decorating to food and have been honored to have collected a modest audience. However, I now plan to blog more about my life and design process: the path to my wedding day ("wedding wednesday"), the trials and tribulations of a young letterpress printer, my struggling etsy shop, a convergence of my darling perspective photography blog, and so much more.
So I hope you will sit tight and bear with me as I figure out my place in the blogosphere :)[images are from a collection of my photos entitled "looking up"]
I would appreciate any comments you may have about my thoughts..good or bad :)



Nice square format shots from moonchilid1111 in japan.