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Wedding Programs

Here are our lovely programs...hand saddle-stitched and all! I decided to go with a small booklet style to keep it cost effective and petite. Besides the different cover pages, my favorite part of the program is my timeline page...I created a brief timeline of our relationship and thought it would give the guests a little something to read while waiting for the ceremony to begin.


Groomsmen Gifts

Dustin was big on trying to find different gifts for each of his groomsmen but when he started thinking about finding 8 unique presents he started singing a different tune. He did find these great handmade baseballs on etsy that he had made for each groomsmen. He added in a different type of popcorn and a micro-brewed beer that represented each groomsmen individually...if you can't tell he went for a baseball-themed package.


Bridesmaid Gifts

My lovely bridesmaid gifts! It took me a long time to figure out the perfect gift to give my bridesmaids. I was certain that it would be something I made, but it took me awhile to figure out what exactly that would be. I decided to create 3 things: personalized martha stewart pocket-size photo albums from kodak (very cute, you have to check them out), letterpressed note cards, and their own unique gold necklace.


Honeymoon Time!

Have no fear, I am NOT blogging on my honeymoon! I decided to schedule a few posts now that wedding day is over to post while I'm away, laying on the beach :) I could not have asked for a better family, set of friends, or more perfect weather...I hope you enjoy a few wedding posts while I'm away!


Fall? I love it.

We've hit that time of year again (at least in NC) where the mornings are crisp, afternoons are sunny and warm, and evenings call for a light jacket...fall. I love it :) however, I don't love how anthropologie tempts me with such stylish fall ensembles...


Packing up the details!

We are packing up the details and sending them over to the reception site for decorating...finally! It seems like I have been working on wedding projects for months, oh wait, I have. It will be see nice to see everything come together :) Above are my send-off flags in a white ceramic tree stump.
My gocco-ed cocktail napkins.Whitney + Dustin hangtags for the guest book wishing tree.Our white cake plates...we are having a table full of yummy desserts.
Of course, cake flavor labels!
Our programs, packed in and ready to go...


Holga Wedding Photos

I brought out the Holga for my brother's wedding in Vermont...and finally got the film developed. Oh how I love that little toy camera, if only I had brought more film...especially color!


Irene Suchocki

I'm such a sucker for fine art photography especially TTV. Found these beautiful photos on etsy by Irene Suchocki and had to share...so pretty right?