Whitney Deal
Mother + wife + designer living in North Carolina



Before & After: Craft Table

My mom has become a personal seamstress during all of this wedding planning! Not only is she creating my dress, she is creating my 8 bridesmaid dresses, as well as my matron of honor's (aka my cousin) wedding dress. With all of this fabric and no place to cut it, it was only a matter of time before she got herself an appropriate table. She stumbled across a 4ftx8ft sewing table at a local fabric shop and bought it right away. She has spent the past few days repainting it and recovering the "strawberry shortcake" covered top. Doesn't it look great?? I am jealous!
Oh and her other "project", introducing the new puppy, Molly, into their home :)


cig harvey

Found this fab photographer via delish that has done great work for clients like kate spade. I love having an endless array of work to glance through. So beautiful!


Lotta Fabric

Check out these lovely Lotta Jansdotter fabrics here.


Big Blue

We spent the weekend cleaning up our C&P Pilot Letterpress. After scanning the aisles of paint, we decided to go with bright blue, can't you tell? :) I just wanted to share the before & after pictures with you, just to show you how far a little tender-love-care can go!



I found these pieces by Rosanna to be quite nice. A little bit feminine, with a little bit of flair. Nice color palettes as well. These dishes are each created by hand, "Handcrafted in a Mexican village, each piece is individually mouth blown, hand etched and sandblasted with distinctively Rosanna patterns … modern, yet comfortingly familiar."


Astilbe Designs

I love stud earrings, and I thought these from Astilbe Designs were just too cute.


Naiad Soap Arts

I'm not much of a product girl...and what I mean by product is, I use the bare essentials: Shampoo, Conditioner, Bar Soap, and that's it! I usually buy the cheapest thing at the store which lasts about 2-3 months. However, when I stumbled across the soap of Naiad, I had to take a second look. Don't these look yummy!


Tauva Auerbach

Tauba Auerbach's creations are little typographic eye candy for your day...