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Spring Polaroids

If you haven't noticed yet, I have been posting at a bare minimum this week. My graphic design day-job has caused my wrist to ache (eek!) so I have been trying to minimize any extra computer activity. But, I thought I would share with you a few spring polaroids I took outside last week while the weather was pleasant...we're up to 78 degrees today in NC, so there may be more where that came from :-)


Wedding Wednesday

I have finally decided on fabric for my bridesmaid dresses! And..I am going with a different pattern for each dress..sounds busy I know, but the dress has an empire waist and in order to keep the look cohesive, the top portion of each dress will be the same...a nice cream fabric. As soon as we actually start making them I will post more details, but for now I am just excited that we have the fabric :)


Flickr Group: Fresh New Spaces

I've been in a decorating mood lately so it should come as no surprise that the flickr group I am highlighting this week is all about interior spaces. Check it out, "Fresh New Spaces."
[images are from t-b: chez larsson, mamichan, ninainvorm, resputina1, ninainvorm]


Party Dress

Here is a photo of my grandmother before her prom...lovely right?


I apologize..

..for being in a clothes-posting mood lately. With the change of season, I can't help it! Especially when I casually roll over to Anthro and see this image pop up in my face.


Office Re-Do

[Image: Apartment Therapy]
When I saw this home on apartment therapy from Jessica of How About Orange last week, I knew instantly what I needed to do to make my office space flow better. I'm the type of person that until my surroundings are cohesive, I remain in a state of frustration. So I commissioned my fiance to create a computer stand for our iMac as well as install a shelf above the desk...and the results: fabulous!


Necklines . .

A couple of necklines I am currently loving from j.crew.


Spring [cleaning] Decorating

Victoria over at sfgirlbybay mentioned it a few days ago and I would have to agree....it's time to spring decorate (not clean, decorate). I need a breath of fresh air in our little apartment so I have been searching the internet to gain inspiration. I've decided to spruce up my dining/living room and found a few resourceful photos via cottage living magazine. Oh how I would love to one day live in a little (maybe big) cottage...
So yes, a few of these photos are just me dreaming again, however, I could always draw on the color palettes :-)