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Happy Mistakes

I shot 3 rolls of film with my Holga camera recently and although I am comfortable with my camera, I some how messed it up this time. One of the main advantages of the Holga though is that even the greatest mistakes can produce some really neat results.


Day in the Gardens

Dustin and I spent yesterday evening exploring Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. Oh what a lovely place :) We hadn't been back since we took our engagement photos there last winter so it was nice to see everything in full bloom.


Wedding Wednesday: Invite Preview

Voila! Finally! We spent all of last night finishing our invitations and it was well worth it. All 110 of them complete :) I struggled for the longest time trying to decide what I wanted my invitations to look like, there is extra pressure when you are a graphic designer. I opted for the A6 size (for the stationery nerds out there) because I liked the feel of smaller pieces and also enjoyed creating my invite and postcard reply the same size. Because our wedding is in our hometown with everything happening at the same location, we were able to get away with only having two cards. I am very pleased with the results and am especially fond of our vintage stamps :)



Now that July 4th has come and gone and we're are full swing into summer I need to stop and pause. I have plans every weekend until 2 weeks before my wedding in October. From bridal showers, concerts, weddings, and appointments I want to make sure I am enjoying myself through it all. I am not worried if it will all come together or what will happen when it is all over, I am just working to be overly cautious to not let the details become bigger than the purpose.
That being said, my fiance and I had a lovely evening yesterday printing our invitations which means a big check off the list. Previews to come soon..
And yes, this weekend I sucked up my pride and put on a sash to become "The Bachelorette." I spent a wonderful weekend with my closest friends and could not have asked for a better bachelorette party. Nothing too outrageous, just a memorable weekend with my ladies :)



Found via {frolic!} who found via design for mankind (I love the blog world)...this game will keep you occupied for quite some time. This is a wordle of my blog...I think it sums it up pretty well :)


Wedding Wednesday

[Image from MarionQuaggatuggu]
I'm headed to Lake Norman, NC this fourth of July weekend for my Bachelorette Party. Although I consider myself more on the modest side, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to spend the whole weekend with my closest friends even though I may have a few embarrassing bachelorette moments!I am so thankful for all of my lovely ladies who are able to make it this weekend. Since everyone is having to travel a ways to meet up in southern NC, I decided to make little travel thank you bags for everyone. Shh...I was hoping they might be surprised :)


A few things.

Amidst family health emergencies and a bustling schedule, I thought I'd share a few things to celebrate on the heels of this celebratory holiday.
1 - breaking ground on our letterpress wedding invitations
2 - spending the weekend with friends I don't see enough
3 - car rides across the state, listening to npr
4 - evening summer walks through the neighborhood
5 - learning new notes on my violin
6 - anticipating my portrait proofs
7 - cuddling with my dirty yet fluffy doggy
8 - patiently waiting with my loving new family



A part of me wishes I could jump in a time machine and have a wedding date of October 4, 1953 when spending $10,000 on a wedding was glamorous and it was inappropriate to wear a strapless dress. I fell in love with this photo collage and just had to share :)