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Necklines . .

A couple of necklines I am currently loving from j.crew.


Spring [cleaning] Decorating

Victoria over at sfgirlbybay mentioned it a few days ago and I would have to agree....it's time to spring decorate (not clean, decorate). I need a breath of fresh air in our little apartment so I have been searching the internet to gain inspiration. I've decided to spruce up my dining/living room and found a few resourceful photos via cottage living magazine. Oh how I would love to one day live in a little (maybe big) cottage...
So yes, a few of these photos are just me dreaming again, however, I could always draw on the color palettes :-)


Wedding Wednesday

One of my most memorable experiences this summer working for martha stewart was having the opportunity to assist with a Weddings photo shoot. Anything that has to do with invitations, jewelry, and gowns .. doesn't disappointment me :-) Along with my fellow intern, Jenny, our primary task was to create and produce the balloon banners you see hanging in this season's story, "A Return to Glamour." Though you only see one or two in the magazine, we created several of these ceiling-to-floor length banners that seemed larger than life...especially when Jenny and I had to haul them from 36th to 42nd street! So heavy and hilarious :-)


Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Video

A fun video entitled "A Brief Guide about Bridesmaids"
[via cool infographics]


Flickr Group: Vintage Mugs

I've mentioned before I can't help but thrift store shop for dishes..plates..mugs..tea pots..bowls..I don't discriminate. So when I was trying to decide what flickr group to profile this week I was instantly drawn to the one entitled "Vintage Mugs."
[images are from t-b: *verito*, lena corwin, uhoh over, leslie.keating, meetmeatmikes]


Simple Song

I adore these little magnets & pins from Simple Song. Very darling...oh! And great blog as well :-)


Letterpress Stand

My fiance has been playing the role of "handyman" by creating a stand for our letterpress, from scratch! Now we have the perfect letterpress corner in our little apartment.



I found leif.designpark (via mint) yesterday and thought these chairs were just too cool...good design in practical applications...love it.