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Lotta Fabric

Check out these lovely Lotta Jansdotter fabrics here.


Big Blue

We spent the weekend cleaning up our C&P Pilot Letterpress. After scanning the aisles of paint, we decided to go with bright blue, can't you tell? :) I just wanted to share the before & after pictures with you, just to show you how far a little tender-love-care can go!



I found these pieces by Rosanna to be quite nice. A little bit feminine, with a little bit of flair. Nice color palettes as well. These dishes are each created by hand, "Handcrafted in a Mexican village, each piece is individually mouth blown, hand etched and sandblasted with distinctively Rosanna patterns … modern, yet comfortingly familiar."


Astilbe Designs

I love stud earrings, and I thought these from Astilbe Designs were just too cute.


Naiad Soap Arts

I'm not much of a product girl...and what I mean by product is, I use the bare essentials: Shampoo, Conditioner, Bar Soap, and that's it! I usually buy the cheapest thing at the store which lasts about 2-3 months. However, when I stumbled across the soap of Naiad, I had to take a second look. Don't these look yummy!


Tauva Auerbach

Tauba Auerbach's creations are little typographic eye candy for your day...


Save Polaroid

I was browsing through my favorite blogs this morning when I saw a post on {frolic!} about "Saving the Polaroid!" If you haven't heard yet, before we know it, polaroid instant cameras/film will cease to exist :( However, there have been a few noteworthy crusades to protest this tragedy. So jump on over to Save Polaroid and join the fight!


Wedding Wednesday: Lucky Coins

I have mentioned several times that 2008 is going to be the year of weddings. I take it as a blessing that my co-worker (and previous classmate from design school) is getting married a month after me. We spend a few minutes (err..hours) a day chatting over the latest wedding drama, and recently she completed her save the dates. Yes, gocco-ed save the dates - but with an interesting twist :) She had a personalized coin created to attach to her announcement. A coin! How clever is that?! I should mention she is getting married at an old North Carolina fort on the coast, how clever is that! :)