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Me-Made-May 2015

I've decided to put my handmade wardrobe to use and participate in me-made-may. Basically, I'm taking a pledge to wear clothing I've made all month long. You can follow along as I post my daily wears on my instagram.


Baby Sunsuit

As much as I enjoy making clothing for myself and my girls -- I've never been a big fan of making baby clothing. It's because there are only certain types of clothes that actually fit babies well and comfortably. Those being knit onesies,leggings, and rompers, am I right? You make a baby dress and as soon as you try to hold that baby, the dress is creeping up on her. So I stick to making baby bibs and such...

I was going through my rather large stash of sewing patterns when I found this little sunsuit. It was a pattern that my mom had purchased to use for me when I was baby. I thought it might be something I could make for the 8-month-old that she could wear easily. 

Why did I not find this little gem sooner? I've already made two of these sunsuits and am contemplating my next!

I went with a double gauze for both of the suits -- both fabrics can be found here. Double gauze works well for garments and since this is for warmer weather, it's super breathable for the higher temps. And it doesn't hurt that the more you wash double gauze, the softer it gets.

So cute, right?

Here is the pattern for those interested -- it has a date of 1984. I'm also considering a beach bonnett next for my lady


Chambray Toddler Top

I had some leftover chambray fabric after I finished this dress for myself so I whipped up a summer tunic for my daughter. I didn't quite have enough for the length so I used some of Bonnie Christine's fabric (from this project) for bottom -- way to use up scraps, oh yeah! The keyhole ended up being too low so I added in a piece on the back side..turned out perfectly!


Flying Geese Improv Quilt

A couple of months ago I taught a quilting class at my mom's store that focused on the flying geese block. It's one of my favorite quilting blocks and I typically prefer the method of sewing four at a time, making them super speedy. For the class, I decided to have no plan for the quilt I was going to make with the exception of the fabric choices. I wanted to do something for my daugther since she was outgrowing her baby quilt. 

I just can't get enough of this mustard color these days so I used it as the base and just went to town piecing the quilt together. After the flying geese blocks were made I just started adding in scraps to make the quilt a bigger size. For the back I also carried over fabric yardage I had left over, just continuing to piece randomly.

I got the chance to quilt it on the longarm quilting machine and went with a random assortment of loops and squares. 

Check out a few of my other flying geese quilts here:
Liberty Quilt
Rows of Flying Geese
Flying Geese Baby Quilt 


Glea Dress in Floral Silk

I'm working away on the Glea Dress sewing pattern. It takes so much testing to get a pattern ready and I'm sewing and drafting in between naps ;) I just completed the dress in this silk fabric that I designed and just couldn't wait to share.

Remember my sketchbook doodles? I've taken a few of my watercolor paintings and had them printed on fabric from Spoonflower. This particular fabric is a silk faille, it's a little on the heavy side for my taste but very comfortable as well as machine washable (plus!). Since the Glea Dress isn't super fitted, I belted this version to make it more form fitting. 

Now on to more testing!


Dressed for summer!

We made it! We got through that incredibly cold and snowy winter -- I just still can't believe we're right around the corner from bare legs and sunshine every single day. On a recent warm day, I broke out the bloomers and paired them with a tee..love it.


So Biased

When I'm sewing up something that requires bias binding, I always roll my eyes. For some reason it's one of my least favorite things to make and often times use. I found the solution to my melodramatic issue -- pre-made, awesomely cute bindings! I need to go ahead and just stock up on a few these cuties from So Biased


Sketchbook Explorations

I keep several idea/sketchbooks. Some weeks I'm working in one every single day, and then other weeks they just sit on my desk unopened. I have one for quilting ideas, one for apparel, and one for mixed media (painting..drawing..etc..). Organized chaos, maybe? I find it necessary to my creative process to just put something on paper, even if most of the time I don't have a plan. I'm never sure if what I sketch will turn into anything but it's just a place to start, to play, and to fail. Do you keep a sketchbook or have another way of flexing your creative muscle?