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I put together a few lookbooks for my recent collection and went with Artifact Uprising to have them produced...I couldn't be happier, these little books are so perfect for my aesthetic and you can't beat the price or quality. And I love their mission.."inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible."


Slow Down..

..things are moving just a little too quickly. I just want to take in every single moment with this little one.


Teenage Chickens

We've had our flock of 26 chicks for 2.5 weeks -- and yes, these photos are of our chickens that are 18 days old!! These guys/girls are eating machines and it seems like everyday they double in size. It appears they've hit that akward puberty phase between baby and adult, because they are not very pretty to look at...as you can see. 

We are eager to get them outside, and as soon as all of their feathers come in, it will be on to greener pastures for the flock. They will soon outgrow their current brooder box and my hub is finishing up their outdoor hoop house as I type! They're pretty adorable right now to see all huddle together snoozing. But we're not fooled, chickens are fairly barbaric and will quickly fight one another out of stress or boredom. I would say if we do this again, we'll figure out a way to keep them in a shed or something, that much waste in our basement is a bit much. I'm pretty certain, that a chicken is one step away from a dinousaur.

I really enjoyed your comments on my original post about our peeps! It's great to have conversations about the importance of knowing where your food comes from, even if you don't eat meat! Thank you for your thoughts and opinions!


The Big Day

Look out Asheville, I'm participating in a local wedding fair that is shaping up to be pretty awesome. I'll have both my dress collection and photography goodness to check out and I'd love to meet you! So feel free to stop by my booth on March 30th at the Asheville Art Musuem. Tickets are available on The Big Day website. 


6 Month Favorites

We officially have a 6 month old in our house, and she's curious, strong, and happy! It's completely mind-blowing how a baby grows in such a short amount of time. I was recently looking through my iphone videos of her before she could even grasp for an object, wowza. I felt that since I complied a list of my favorite newborn items, it was now time to create a list of our favorite things for this time period. Playtime is officially a whole new world, eating solids is in full swing, and we're on the verge of a crawler. So here ya go..

Bibs - No matter the shape or size, a bib is used daily. Mostly for eating but also for days of intense drooling. I found that I prefer ones that snap (velcro is annoying to wash) and I have a great stash of bibs I made for Glory before she was born

Teething Toys - Obvious, yes? Everything goes directly into that little mouth so it's important that it is safe and easy to wash

Jumper - We have an exersaucer that is great also, but the thing is so bulky -- the jumper is awesome because you can move it all over the house because it easily attaches to any door frame

Portable High Chair - This thing is awesome. We take it with us when go out to eat (which we are doing again) if it works with table..which most of the time it does. The great thing is that if you are in a booth, you can put it beside you instead of on the end. Glory has a habit of finding the sides of her high chair with her mouth, and it makes me feel better when its her own chair instead of the restaraunt high chair.

Sleep Sacks - Wearable blankets are where its at, simple as that.

High Chair - At home we went with this high chair and have been so pleased -- the aesthetic is great, not too bulky, and it's simple to clean

Ergo Baby Carrier - I really enjoyed the wrap when Glory was tiny but as she got heavier we transitioned to the Ergo and wearing her is still one of my favortie things to do. This carrier makes it so comfortable and easy.

Grab & Stack Blocks - They crinkle, jingle, have different textures, are multi-colored..what more could a baby ask for?

I try not to go over board with toys/gear/gadgets. Remember, my favorite simplicity parenting book? It's true though, she can play with the same toy for hours, and then do it again the next day. I'd love to know your favorites for this age...


A little something for myself..

I spend most of my days sewing for other people, which is awesome and I love it -- but it's definitely important for me to carve a little time out for myself. Honestly, I don't necessarily enjoy making clothes for myself, like most people, I prefer to shop other people creations. However, I recently made this little spring top for myself. This was my take on no longer being patient for spring! Hurry on now.



We've begun the task of baby-proofing. Glory isn't quite crawling but we decided to be proactive and fix a few hazaardous areas. One of which was the wire-rack shelving unit that held our china. Sad face. Lets take a moment to remember this lovely piece in our dining room

We've replaced it with Dustin's great grandmother's dresser that we repainted. I wish I had taken a before photo, this piece has had many coats of paint and decorative treatments, not all good. But we're fairly happy with how it turned out..now it's on to all those exposed outlets..


Wear it..

Just putting together a little something-something for your every day needs. Here is the Bellis styled for a day at the office and the Rosa perfectly paired for an afternoon class.

Bellis Dress in Coral - Celeste Jacket - Mini Chateau Duffle - Keanna Colorblock Flat

Rosa Dress in August Rose - Holepunch Flat Sandal - Timex Weekender - Cotton Caridgan