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WNC Magazine

The Hub and I recently photographed the Asheville bungalow of Maria & Bill for WNC Magazine. I fell in love with this space -- a wonderful mix of vintage and diy, lightly-styled, and very easily lived in. You can see more photos of the space and read the article here

photos by dustin and whitney deal


At work..

Working with your spouse can be amazing with a little dash of challenging, but the hub and I have a pretty good system and I couldn't enjoy sharing my job with him more. 

In deep thought about the shot set-up...this face cracks me up.

And then a little bit of role-playing..



My talented hub grabbed a few maternity pics of me last week, here is a little peek..


Garland + Bunting

Sometimes you just need to hang a little garland...

Love these simple options by etsy seller: steph loves ben


Vintage Wedding Dresses

So far this year, we've had two brides wear altered vintage wedding dresses and it is always so intresting to me to see how they're made and then changed to work for the modern bride. I have to remind myself to stop investigating the layers & seams and get back to photographing them :)

Here is Erika's off the shoulder, daisy-eyelet dress. She pretty much kept the dress in its original state.

And the lace on Mary's dress was to die for...the dress used to have sleeves but she had them taken off and added a small lace mock-cap sleeve. 

photos by oh, darling!


Simple in the bedroom.

You know how you'll have a crazy few days that turn into a hectic week or two ... the hub and I have been experencing one of those weeks. The work load piles up and there are too many plans on the calendar, but I'm trying not to complain. Admist the chaos, we try to always keep our home (where we live and work) a simple and clean place and the bedroom is the best place to follow through with that. 

We're still using ikea hacks as nightstands but recently framed a pair of our photos to hang by our bed. They're his and her landscape compositions from trips we took together last year.


Bright Patterns

So the baby clothes are accumulating...


Happy Friday + Time To Party

Thank you all again for your sweet comments for the dress giveaway. I hope you have a great weekend -- the hub and I are actually in NYC for a quick working trip...oh and today is my birthday! Bring on the faux cocktails..cheers!

photo by dustin deal