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The Big Day Recap

I had a great time at The Big Day event this past weekend in Asheville, NC. It's not every day that I do a wedding show and its defintely not every day that I'm able to talk to so many people face to face about my work. So it was awesome to hear feedback in person. Here's a peek at my booth...


An Easter Dress...

..but not really though. Wishing you all a Happy Easter! 

Dress from Rodarte FW 2011. Photo by Tim Barber.


Modern Farmhouse

As you know we've fallen quite snuggly into living in a rural area with farm land surrounding us but it's a real dream of ours to build (or renovate) a modern farmhouse. Clean, simple lines with a rustic aesthetic. 

I'm pretty sure this one in Austin would do the trick..

Photos from Rauser


Ready for the sun!

We're taking a family beach trip this summer, and of course, I'm already thinking about bathing suits. I blame it on the fact that it's still freezing in late March and I need to brighten my mood with daydreaming about the ocean. I've been a little confused with baby swimsuits though -- what's the deal with the diaper? 

I figured swim time would be fairly abbreviated anyway with a baby but I did find this rashguard/swim diaper combo that seems to make the most sense. And it needs to be slightly accessorized with cute hat and little sandals. I just couldn't help myself.

Swimwear & Hat - iPlay
Sandals - Saltwater 

And I decided to make the splurge on this swimsuit number for myself...take that winter temps!


Lucky Mag + Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer

It's not everyday that I partner up with a company to test out a product, but when Lucky Magazine approached me about trying Vaseline's new Spray & Go Moisturizer I was intrigued. This has long been a pet peeve of mine, the necessary evil of lathering on lotion after my morning shower. Normally, I would hang around in my bathrobe waiting for it to dry -- blah, boring. So I gave this spray moisturizer a shot, and voila, I have new efficient addition to my morning routine! 

I am incredibly grateful that but my hub and I work from home, but it has definitely taken some time to figure out ways to stay productive with an adorable baby eating up our attention. Mornings are essential, if I don't get up and get going, the whole day is messed up. I've long been a believer of deciding what I wear the night before. Even if I'm going super casual (jeans/tshirt),  when I already have it picked out I start my day out so much better. Vaseline's Spray & Go Moisturizer has helped shave off time from my morning routine (hallelujah!) -- now if only I could find a product that would dry and style my hair just as quickly :)

If I were to choose one outfit as part of my daily,  nightime prep for the next day, that I would then wear every day (especially now that I'm a mom)..this would be it...(sorry for that incredible, run on sentence)…

Leggings - Dress - Handbag - Sandals

For more information,  head on over to… maxthemorning.com

This post made possible from a collaboration with Lucky Magazine - all content and ideas are by yours truly. 



I put together a few lookbooks for my recent collection and went with Artifact Uprising to have them produced...I couldn't be happier, these little books are so perfect for my aesthetic and you can't beat the price or quality. And I love their mission.."inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible."


Slow Down..

..things are moving just a little too quickly. I just want to take in every single moment with this little one.


Teenage Chickens

We've had our flock of 26 chicks for 2.5 weeks -- and yes, these photos are of our chickens that are 18 days old!! These guys/girls are eating machines and it seems like everyday they double in size. It appears they've hit that akward puberty phase between baby and adult, because they are not very pretty to look at...as you can see. 

We are eager to get them outside, and as soon as all of their feathers come in, it will be on to greener pastures for the flock. They will soon outgrow their current brooder box and my hub is finishing up their outdoor hoop house as I type! They're pretty adorable right now to see all huddle together snoozing. But we're not fooled, chickens are fairly barbaric and will quickly fight one another out of stress or boredom. I would say if we do this again, we'll figure out a way to keep them in a shed or something, that much waste in our basement is a bit much. I'm pretty certain, that a chicken is one step away from a dinousaur.

I really enjoyed your comments on my original post about our peeps! It's great to have conversations about the importance of knowing where your food comes from, even if you don't eat meat! Thank you for your thoughts and opinions!