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In Progress

Just in case you were curious how fun hanging wallpaper actually is...not really. But thank you to patient partners :)


Nursery Peek!

Things are definitely coming together for the nursery but I feel as though we'll still be adding to it even after she arrives. Like upholstering a sitting chair, toy storage solutions, etc... But I do have a lovely little shelf up to keep a few things out of reach and here is a glimpse of the wallpaper we chose to use on one wall. I love it dearly, it's so subtle and the metallic pattern just barely catches the light.


Outfit Dreaming...

I miss wearing normal clothes. There, I said it. I often find myself daydreaming about going shopping with my pre-pregnancy figure. So bare with me as I play with a few imagenary ensembles that would be nice to have for fall. (It's important to note that I even included a diaper bag in this round up!)

Cords - Jcrew  /  Blouse - Madewell  /  Necklace - For Me, For You  /  Jute Ballerina Flats - Zara  /  Striped Diaper Bag - Ikabags


Reflecting, part 1

I'm coming up on two anniversaries: 5 years ago I started this blog and about 1 year ago I started my dress business. And it often catches up with me all that has happened in that time period. It's crazy. I've moved to three different states, had a few jobs, gotten married, started a photography business, been to school twice, and now I'm expecting a child.

So much has changed since I first started blogging, with me personally and with the blog community -- I never knew it would be such a platform and large part of my life. At the same time it has often been a struggle to keep up with content, to stay relevant, and craft an inspiring space. Eventually I threw in the towel with trying to make Darling Dexter more than what it was -- because when it came down to it, it didn't need to fit a model or make money, but just be a place for me to share and connect. And so if you've been coming to this space for awhile you may have noticed the gradual change through the years -- and if you're quickly passing through, never to return, that's okay..I hope you enjoy my rambling :) 

When I first started this blog, I worked an office job as a graphic designer. That was at a time when I felt so restricted creatively and in the wrong career. This blog was my outlet. I've since branched out on my own, creating a photography business with my husband and an independent bridal clothing line that I run all by myself. It can be so overwhelming at times and financially unpredictable but so rewarding. And I owe most of my ability to having those careers to my blog and to the online community. The support and encouragement I've had through the years has been unbelievable. And as I prepare to enter the world of motherhood, I'm not sure where things will go from here. I'm feeling a bit unsure of how to juggle all that the future holds for me but I'm trying not to plan it all. But to look back on the roller coaster of the past five years, it makes me feel okay about it all. To think I could still be typing here for another five is not even something I can wrap my head around -- but as long as I keep making, creating, and being inspired, you'll probably still find me here in this space.

(and that was just a reflective post on blogging...one on a year of dressmaking is to come...just blame it on the pregnancy hormones!)


Introducing a new dress...Reeves

I've added a new dress to the shop, the Reeves! It is a simply sweet and delightfully flirty silk georgette dress with thin straps. It has layered netting and lace down the bodice and is finished off with tiny buttons. Shown at knee-length but can be made into tea-length or full-length. So lovely.. :)


Upholstered Ottoman

Although we love the wooden, rustic coffee table that Dustin made for us awhile back -- it's not very childproof with the amount of splinters and even rusty nails sticking out of it! So we opted to retire it and decided on an upholstered option for its replacement. Dustin has been trying his hand at upholstery and put together this piece for us...

It could not be more perfect and super comfy! We chose to use fabric from Spoonflower and have been so happy with the addition of color and pattern in our living room.


The last wedding..

..until our little one arrives! I love this photo the hub captured of one of our couples...isn't her glittery hair piece just awesome? This is actually the last wedding I was able to photograph this summer and it's bittersweet -- but I'm definitely looking forward to taking some time off from the field and spending my days by the sewing machine and prepping for baby. Not much longer!


Instagram Goodness

Quick snippets of my life lately...

...cow activity, baby showers, an escape to the mountains, dotted tissue paper, popped out belly, sketching in the shade, late night jams, shopping for the hub...