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Meet Dexter, yes he's darling.

You may have noticed a few visual changes here on my blog -- I switched over the aesethic to align more with my website and I also dropped Darling Dexter from the header. Tear. 

I've been blogging since 2007, when I graduated college and started my first job. I found the work I was doing not meeting a creative level that I needed so I started a blog. Simple as that. My how things change... This little space has followed me through a few jobs, a few states, getting married, school twice, becoming an entrepreneur, and most recently, having a baby. I've met an amazing network and community of people across the globe. I've been kicked down by new blogs with amazing features, and new bloggers with super talents. The good with the bad like anything you do.

All that said, I felt as though I had somewhat graduated from my original presence. Darling Dexter was a quick name I chose, I have a 9 year-old Bichon who is a delight and people light up when they see him. His positive energy inspired the name. However, now that I have a photography business with a unique name, and a clothing company under my name, I wanted to just simplify. So, I'm saying goodbye to my dear Darling Dexter. The domain will stay active of course, you will always be able to get to me this way -- but I'm simply just Whitney Deal now. 

The new look is a breath of fresh for me -- I'm getting back into the blogging spirit and look forward to continue sharing glimpses of my life and inspiration with you.


Our Hens

You may recall that we welcomed three laying hens into our backyard last summer. They have effectively given us three eggs nearly every day since. Peggy, Joan, and Betty (or as we like to call them "the girls") were the beginning of my hub's backyard farm to table adventure. We have plans for a much larger garden this year that will be supplemented by a local CSA and, hold your hats, we'll soon be experimenting with raising our own poultry for meat!

Two things of importance....I would have never thought that the temporary move back to our North Carolina hometown from Brooklyn, NY over a year ago would have lead us into settling in and embracing such a simpler life. Secondly, it's amazing that in this rural and agriculturally rich area it is almost impossible to find fresh/local/organic/seasonal/etc food. But that's for another post, another day.

Anywho -- We think we have just the prettiest birds and that they needed their own styled photoshoot...enjoy :)


Little lady

Glory is slowly making her way into a few of things I made for her before she was born. Here is the navy liberty print dress, originally posted here. Don't you love her spikey blonde hair?

I'm in the process of making her a striped spring number that I can't wait to share. So stay tuned..

And yes, I'm sporting my favorite..the Bellis with a black blazer.


Lovely Lola

Several of the dresses in my bridal collections can be made in knee, tea, and full lengths. I like giving people the flexibility and it's always fun to see a dress in a different light. Here is the oh-so popular Lola in full length... And you can see her twirling at tea-length, here.


Orla Kiely A/W 2013

I loved Orla Kiely's most recent fashion presentation -- models dressed like 1960's secretaries, busy at work while casually strolling down the fictional runway. If you follow their instragram, there is a post of what the models were pretending to type ("wheres my don draper at").

Photos: Ambra Vernuccio


What a difference a year makes...

I distinctly remember Valentine's Day last year -- I was battling through pregnancy sickness and attempted to put myself together for a lunch date with the hub. Right after ordering my sandwich, I ran out of the restaraunt and dry-heaved in the parking lot. Romantic. Not sure why, but he captured this photo of me that evening.

Fast forward one year later, we went back to that same restaraunt today to enjoy a sandwich with our daugther. Excuse Dexter's awesome hairdo , he was groomed today and his ears are out of control.


Lots of Love: Spring Sample Sale!

It's that time of year! I'm cleaning out my studio and have filled the shop with 50-65% off dresses with the discontinued dot patterns! Get excited and head on over to shop the sale..

Most importantly...Happy Valentine's Day, lovers.


Hello there.

I'm aching for spring and I stumbled across this Seychelles number that will be perfect for the season. Love that tiny pop of color.

And while we're lusting for things...this swimsuit, YES. Hide those post-baby stretchmarks in style! And besides it's tulle on a swimsuit and the color is called ancient fig, what more could you ask for.