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Oh how fast they grow..


Marigold + Pink Sand 

I'm fairly obsessed with this color combo that Kate Miss uses for several of her clay beads.


Happy Halloween!

I made a red cape and transformed this little baby into Little Red Riding Hood -- hope you have a great Halloween!


The New Lucille

I'm very excited to welcome back the oh-so popular Lucille dress! She went missing for a bit as I searched high and low for a suitable replacement lace, and voila! She's back and even more affordable :) See more details in the shop.


Fall Table

My mom recently received a shipment of toweling fabric into your fabric shop and I picked up several yards to turn into a fall tablerunner. I love this stuff -- just a simple hem on the ends, and you're good to go. I also picked up these tree branch candle holders from Worley's Lighting, a Charlotte based etsy shop.


Daily Wear :: getting my groove back

You go nine months where your body takes on a mind of its own,  stretching to lengths you never thought possible. Then post-partum you're still not back to normal and your ta-tas (if you're breastfeeding) now start to complicate getting dressed every day. All of this can take a beating on your style and self-image. Granted your responsiblity has now shifted greatly to more important things it's still a bit sad to look at your wardrobe. 

But I'm not going to keep sounding all doom and gloom, because I'm getting my dressing groove back :) 

Top: JCrew
Jeans: Uniqlo
Loafers: Bass
Heart: Bando 


Polka Dots + Pumpkins

We painted a few of our pumpkins this year which was just slightly less messy than carving them. However, we used spray paint and had a problem with peeling, just so you know! It feels so good to be transitioning into fall -- bring out the hot cider and thick scarves!


I'm still here!

I am indeed still here! The past few weeks have been vivid and a blur at the same time and I feel like life is finally beginning to feel a little more normal. Motherhood is definitely a shock to the system since I've only ever cared for myself -- now there is this tiny creature that needs me to do everything for it. It's one of those things that you can't fully understand until you actually experience.

Glory Maeve is coming to life and to hear the coos and see the first few smiles is truly amazing. I had hardly changed a diaper and barely knew how to hold a baby before she was born, so the two of us have really come along way in the past few weeks. I'm a mama (still so strange to say!).