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Color-Blocked Maeve Jumper

I've been wanting to make a few Maeve Jumper variations lately so I started with a color-blocked version. Oh, aqua + mint...you get me every time!

This is a super easy way to add a little something-something without having to change very much. I simply shortened the skirt and added a band. I attached the band using a french seam to keep everything nice and neat on the inside.


New Chicks on the Block

We recently added a few more chickens to our hobby farm. My hub has always wanted a few barred rocks and he just decided to order a few one night on a whim. We had an extra chicken coop that my cousin didn't need so it was the perfect place for the new hens. 

In addition to three barred rocks we also got two white rocks -- to mix it up a little bit. Right now, these girls are in their teenage years and just starting to feather out but you can already tell how beautiful they are going to be.

This little coop is so cute -- just needs a little paint and a few touch-ups. I believe the birds are enjoying their new digs as well as the warmer weather!

We still love our golden comets, they have really grown into their personalities! They are also serious egg-layers. Even when it was freezing cold this winter with snow on the ground, we could always count on eggs every single day. 


Future Sewers of America

She watches me sew almost every single day, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that she knows the appropriate steps and tools. Thankfully I did not have the blade out when I caught her doing this. 

IMG 8185 from Whitney Deal on Vimeo.


Selfish Sewing Week : Look 5

I've SO enjoyed this week and sharing a few of my personal handmade wardrobe pieces! I'm ending my last look with another Mercer tunic favorite of mine. A sweet, gray silk version that can be dressed up or down. So comfy. And while we're at it, I made the necklace too ;)


Selfish Sewing Week : Look 4

The most recent garment in this look is the denim skirt. I've been in love with this skirt for years (years, people!) so with it as the inspiration, I made my own out of a dark stretch denim and added a scoop pocket. I paired it with a sleeveless Glea blouse that I made in 2011 out of a Liberty of London fabric.


Selfish Sewing Week : Look 3

Okay, I'm in love with this dress. There are so many fabulous patterns out there and just not enough time to get to them all! So, again, I'm thankful for this week and forcing me to finally make the Alder shirt dress by Grainline Studio. I'm a big fan of Jen and her mad style -- so this little number in chambray was a no brainer.


Selfish Sewing Week : Look 2

Today's look is a new design I'm in the process of working out the kinks on. It's inspired by the Glea blouse from my very first bridal collection in 2011. I've extended it into a dress (and added pockets!) and am currently working to get into a sewing pattern. Here it is in silk which creates more of a formal look, linen is next on my list to make it out of -- I think it would be just perfect for summer.


Selfish Sewing Week : Look 1

In an effort to build my handmade wardrobe, I've decided to participate in Selfish Sewing Week all week long! I spend so much time sewing for my shop and my girls that I forget to make things for myself. So this was the perfect motivation to get working on a few projects just for me. First up, my Mercer Tunic

I've been playing around with Spoonflower a bit and wanted to create the tunic from fabric I had designed. It's a mint silk crepe de chine with black and taupe triangle clusters.