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So Biased

When I'm sewing up something that requires bias binding, I always roll my eyes. For some reason it's one of my least favorite things to make and often times use. I found the solution to my melodramatic issue -- pre-made, awesomely cute bindings! I need to go ahead and just stock up on a few these cuties from So Biased


Sketchbook Explorations

I keep several idea/sketchbooks. Some weeks I'm working in one every single day, and then other weeks they just sit on my desk unopened. I have one for quilting ideas, one for apparel, and one for mixed media (painting..drawing..etc..). Organized chaos, maybe? I find it necessary to my creative process to just put something on paper, even if most of the time I don't have a plan. I'm never sure if what I sketch will turn into anything but it's just a place to start, to play, and to fail. Do you keep a sketchbook or have another way of flexing your creative muscle?


Little Minis

I received just the sweetest bundle in the mail last week -- this adorable chambray romper from Little Minis for my daugther. Behind this little romper is a children's fashion line that is eco-friendly, fashionable, and function. The best part of the brand is that they use vintage dead-stock fabric for the garments. I love that!

I also love a garment that is well made and has small yet thoughtful details. The gold buttons on the pant cuff are the perfect touch. I paired the romper with gold Saltwater Sandals and a Hello, Shiso crackled hair clip.

And let's just all jump and shout for the beautiful spring weather we're experiencing here in the southeast -- perfect weather for a little romper :)


Glea Dress in Natural Linen

Remember this silk number from Selfish Sewing Week? I'm in the process of testing the pattern and went with a natural linen this go around. The linen makes it super comfy especially with the loose fit through the waist and hips. I'm getting closer to the release of this lady -- it sews up fairly quickly and I'm in the process of deciding whether or not to include side seam pockets, who doesn't love to have a dress with pockets?!



Hello, spring. Hello, April. From my feed...

- I taught a flying geese class at my mom's shop this winter and I am so close to finishing mine! I made it for my daugther and all I lack is actually quilting it...along with so many other un-quilted projects :) soon enough!

- Mercer is growing like a weed.

- Very close to finishing up the Glea Dress sewing pattern. Just in time for spring and warmer weather! I'll have a sneak peek of it in linen later this week.

- Fabric, as usual.

- Visiting our new hens.

- When I get stuck, I switch mediums! I've always enjoyed painting, it's like therapy..am I right?


Favorite Sewing Books

My bookshelf is filled with books about sewing, from couture techniques to draping, I have aquired quite the collection -- I thought I would share two of my favroite go-to sewing books for beginner and experienced sewers. I use these two books for my own patternmaking or when the directions in a sewing pattern just don't add up. The illustrations are very clear and there is a wealth of knowledge in each one. Honestly, I'll refer back to one of them and then find myself there an hour later just discovering new techniques. 

This is the edition I have of the Reader's Digest New Comlete Guide to Sewing, but I know there are several out there. I received this as a gift from my Mom around the time I was starting fashion school and it was a saving grace during frustrating sewing projects.

And before graduating, I bought the Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers book (again, probably new editions out there) and it really complimented the book above. Sometimes the two cross over in technique, and sometimes not -- either way, both super helpful. And hopefully this is helpful to you if you are interested in finding a few must-have sewing books.

Does anyone else have a favorite sewing book to share??


Ribbon Blog Tour : Bonnie Christine + Renaissance Ribbons

I'm excited to be a part of Bonnie Christine's ribbon blog tour! If you are not already familiar with Bonnie's work -- she is a super talented surface pattern designer and also writes the blog, Going Home to Roost. I appreciate her aesthetic, voice, and creative purpose so it was a lot of fun to use a few of her products to make something with. I chose to go with baby bibs and bloomers! A perfect little set for your little one or for a baby shower gift. 

Pretty darling, yes? I stitched up a pair of bloomers from my bloomer sewing pattern and hand-stitched a bow front and center. The bow is purely for decoration so it will stay in place. These bloomers are going directly into my daugther's summer wardrobe :)

Using my bib pattern, I accented each bib with a piece of ribbon to separate the fabrics. Super simple -- just top-stitch the ribbon directly on to the pieced together bib fabrics. 

Feel free to continue on with the ribbon blog tour! Before me was Amy Watkins of Cozy Reverie and tomorrow will be Alexis Wright of My Sweet Sunshine Studio. It's fun to see the different projects and directions others are taking. See the whole collection of Bonnie's ribbons here.


Color-Blocked Maeve Jumper

I've been wanting to make a few Maeve Jumper variations lately so I started with a color-blocked version. Oh, aqua + mint...you get me every time!

This is a super easy way to add a little something-something without having to change very much. I simply shortened the skirt and added a band. I attached the band using a french seam to keep everything nice and neat on the inside.