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Bib Pattern: Tips & Tricks

I've been making this baby bib for three years now. I don't know the exact count but I would say I have put together over a 100 of those little guys. I've come up with a few tips and tricks that make the bibs feel more finished and professional.

1. Make sure the fabric strips are parallel. I often mark lines on my pattern so that once I have my strips sewn together, I can line everything up perfectly from side to side.

2. Use a rotary and cutting mat to get accurate cuts. Honestly, I use a rotary every time I sew no matter the project. I have different size rotary cutters depending the project. For the bib pattern, you would want to use a smaller rotarty cutter because of all the curves.

3. Sew slowly and get your curves as perfect as you can. This bib is one curve after another and if you don't get them nice and round, it will all show once your bib is turned to the right side. I repeat, go slow and make nice curves -- it will pay off.

4. Edgestitch right along the edge. For my Bernina sewing machine, I use this presser foot to achieve a perfect edgestitch. 

And those are just a few tips to making perfect bibs every time! If you ever have questions, never hesitate to send them my way.


Blue Ridge Block

At the beginning of the year, I joined together with a few of my quilting friends and we started a modern quilting guild in my hometown of Wilkesboro, NC. It's been so fun to meet up with locals who are as enthusiastic as I am about sewing (even though I'm a newbie to this whole quilting thing).

Every month at our meetings we have a sit-n-sew and work on a block together. I'm putting together a block for next month and I went with something that was reminiscent of our name and geographic location, the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's a simple block that uses a gradient of green/blues. I turned mine into a pillow and added very subtle embroidery stitching.


Triangle Denim Tunic

I've been in the mood to work on a summer wardrobe for me and my girls -- probably because I'm over cold weather and need something to look forward to. I've also been wanting to combine my love of "half square triangles" with a dress for my daugther. I used the old-faithful Geranium pattern to make a denim dress and put 4 triangles across the front using fabric from Carolyn Friedlander's Doe collection. So cute, right? I want one in my size now. 


Baby Bloomers PDF Sewing Pattern

The Baby Bloomers sewing pattern is now available in my etsy shop. This is a fun, quick, and simple project available in sizes 0-3T. I've been making bloomers like crazy! It's freezing in North Carolina right now and it's putting me in a warmer state of mind to make baby bloomers :) 

Below is a pair I made for my youngest daugther -- I used double gauze and they are just the softest!

I decided to piece together three shades of solid fabric to make this "ice cream" inspired pair for my oldest daugther. She is officially potty-trained so I've been making her a stash of bloomers to wear under her dresses this summer.


Ohhh summer...swing-dress + saltwaters

I hope you enjoy this darling pattern! I'm putting together an additional tutorial to easily lengthen the bloomers to transform them into knickers. So stay tuned!



It's already mid-February, yikes. Here are a few developments in my world since the new year (according to instagram)...

- I enlisted the help of my instagram followers for baby nap advice. This little nugget would not go down without a fight! So thankful for the suggestions and I actually ended up purchasing this book which clicked for us and expanded on what we were already doing. We're one week of happy naps so hopefully it continues!

- Lots of new bibs in the works! I'm hoping to stock the shop with new inventory within the next couple of weeks. Whenever I get a chance to work in between naps ;)

- We bought a house! Well, the one we have been living in for the last few years. It was time, so we did. 

- Short hair for this lady.  It was time, so I did.

- We're adding new chickens to our coop! We've had 5 laying hens (golden comets) but what's a few more? We got barred rocks and white rocks to add to the mix -- but that's a post for another day!

- I added a couple of new baby quilts to my etsy shop. I'm pretty obsessed with this mustard/white/mint combo.


Chevron Quilt Throw

Remember this persimmon quilt top I posted about a few months ago? I ended up quilting it with pebbles and lines and now that it has been washed several times, it's all soft and perfectly crinkled. 

I was asked several times to make a pattern for this quilt top, however, when I originally started making it I just started putting it together with no plan. Working backwards took some time to get the measurements and directions correct -- but I did it. I designed/drafted/and printed a quilt pattern....whew! Here is a photo of a quilt from someone who tested it for me..

It's a great quilt to make if you're interested in getting practice with half-square triangles and using charm packs. It is available here.


Flickr Group

Now that I have three sewing patterns (with two more in the works) out in the world, I figured it was time to have a place for sharing projects! I'd love to see what people create with the patterns and so I have created a Flickr Group to do just that:


Can't wait to see!


Baby Bloomers

I'm teaching a baby bloomers class this Saturday at my mom's store and it could not have come at a better time. I'm OVER cold weather and the idea of making things for my girls that allow for bare legs puts me in a good mood. I've been tweaking my knickers sewing pattern to make a shorter version with the hopes of releasing it as a download pattern (fingers crossed that happens!). So far I'm pretty happy with it because it's little yardage and doesn't take very long to whip up. Now I just need to get my test model to participate and see how well they hold up to a two-year-olds standards :)

Fabric found here.