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Right Now

Do you ever have days where you just can't seem to get everything done and you just end up spinning your wheels? I've been having a few of those lately. I'm officially all moved in to my new studio space and it is awesome. I couldn't be happier to be out of the house! But all that moving and organzing with orders to fulfill and a new collection brewing -- oh yeah and a budding toddler running around -- the days are just too short. Let me stop myself from complaining further and say I'm incredibly thankful. It's a positive chaos.

Here is a peek of the space before. I've got a few more things to do before I can take on new appointments (like build a dressing room) but we're getting closer!


Long-Sleeve Tiny Dress

This is one of my favorite things I have made so far for my daughter. Inspired by the Geranium dress, I went with a long-sleeved version with a wide hem accented with gold buttons. The fabric by Nani Iro and is a 100% cotton double gauze. It's super cozy dress that should be good for cooler weather.

I should note how long it took me to get a half-way decent photo of Glory Maeve in this dress -- which is why I typically photograph the garments on hangers. You can see more things I've made for my daugther here.


Lauren in Lola

Hold your hats, these photos of Lauren in the Lola dress just might knock you over..well they did me any way :)

Photos by Wildflower Images


Chicken Leggings + Lara Casey Shop

Good news! I've partnered with the Lara Casey Shop to bring you more chicken legging goodness! The leggings will be sold exclusivley through their shop and you can head on over right now to preorder. Just in time for the holidays!


Time for a Festive Giveaway!

It's already November, whoa -- time to put on your holiday hats! Minted recently launched a line of customizable wrapping paper that I've got my eyes on for gifts this year. Such a clever idea, yes? I love the patterns and that the paper doubles as a keepsake.

So on to the good stuff! I've partnered with Minted to bring you an awesome giveaway! Enter here for a chance to win a $150 credit to Minted to spend on anything you would like! I'm the process of picking out our Christmas cards this year -- question? For photo cards, do you prefer a photo of just your kids or do you include yourself in the Christmas card photo? 

Enjoy the giveaway! Ends Monday, November 11th.


My Must Have Boot

This fall I decided it was time to look for a new pair boots. Easy, yes? Well, not necessarily. I feel like I always have a long list of things I'm looking for in shoes -- comfort, style, color, ease, longetivity..especially in a cooler weather shoe.

I happened upon this crazy for  you boot by Seychelles and have officially deemed it my must have shoe this fall. I have it in black but am contemplating a purchase in the whiskey color above..

Do you have a favorite boot/shoe? I'd love to hear...

(image from revolveclothing.com)


Tiny Jacket

I made Glory Maeve this little jacket using this Oliver + S sewing pattern. I used a pale pink herringbone fabric I picked up from Purl Soho (along with the dotted bias tape shown below) when I was in New York and opted for just a two button closure. Just in time for this sudden burst of cool weather!


Little Chef!

My girl likes to eat. She is the type of baby that you have to be very prepared to feed her at mealtimes or you're going to have a melt down. So I chose to channel her enthusiam for food into her Halloween costume this year. I used this pattern to create her tiny chef look!