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Mother + wife + designer living in North Carolina



Playing with Embroidery

Over the holiday break, I purchased an embroidery machine! I've just started to get the hang of it and have been having files that I've designed digitized so the machine can read them. There is a learning curve but it's so nice to have the creative freedom. Here is the very first custom piece I made for my girl..

I'm loving the fabric..a neon popcorn print on off white cotton ribbed knit (that was a mouth full). I just made a simple tunic/tee that's cozy and a good play shirt.

More embroidery goodness to come..


A Very Merry Christmas!

I'm signing off until the new year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is not what it looks like outside my house in North Carolina -- I had to pull this snow photo from many years ago. Fingers crossed we get some kind of snowflake over the next few weeks!

Oh! And for a good chuckle, please take a look at a recent package I received in the mail.


Charleston Fashion Week Announcement!

I'm so excited to share that I will be participating in Charleston Fashion Week this spring! Hoooray! I've been asked to show a collection during the bridal portion as their up-and-coming bridal designer. This will be my first runway show and I am already a bit antsy -- but I've been hard at work on new dresses for weeks now. New silhouettes, new fabrics, new styles! I'm also in the process of lining up several trunkshows after the fashion show so if you'd like to see the dresses in person, keep checking my event page for dates!


An "Over" Dress

This is what I call an "over"dress. When you have the little one ready to go with long sleeves and pants, and you just need a little something extra. 

Once again made with Rae's lovely Geranium pattern!


Late Lunch Tunic

I recently sewed myself a Late Lunch Tunic pattern by Liesl + Co. (a women's division of Oliver + S). I went with a chambray double gauze grey dot (found here) and decided to continue double buttons all the way up to the neckline. I'm so happy with how it turned out! I love a comfy tunic and this seems like it will transition well between seasons. 


Hand Embroidery

One problem I've run into with calling my daugther by a double name is embroidery. There are 11 characters in her name (including a space) and that is typically over the letter limit for a lot stores I've looked at. But I should actually say this first..

I'm not necessarily in love with traditional embroidery. I'm fairly picky when it comes to deciding to monogram or embroider anything. I actually didn't own anything with my initials on it until I was bridesmaid and received a monogrammed gift. Not opposed to the idea, just never did it. But when I recently decided to look into it, I ran into a wall with the options that are out there. Everything looks the same, yes?

So what's my solution? Put the thread to the fabric and do my own thing, per usual. Just a simple back-stitch on this top I made for my daughter...

Now I'm intrigued with the idea and have ventured into embroidery sewing machine land. Anyone have one? I'll take all the tips I can get!


Our Holiday Cards

Very excited to share with you the holiday cards I chose for our family from Minted! So many choices, but I finally went with a card that paired well with the custom wrapping paper and gift tags that I also ordered. We are all ready to go now, time to start stuffing envelopes and wrapping presents! Guys, it's only three weeks until Christmas!

Ribbon Noel Holiday Card - Meshed with Love Gift Tags - Silver Glitter Ribbon
(all from Minted)

Block Print Branches Wrapping Paper - Winter Pines Personalized Wrapping Paper - Vintage Type Personalized Wrapping Paper - Berry Kraft Wrapping Paper
(all from Minted)


December Sparkle

I decided to dress up two forms with new sparkly dresses, and put them on display for the holiday season. Although my studio is in the way back of the space I share with my mom's fabric store, it's nice to have a small presence with the outside world. I'm loving my studio space and it's currently brewing with new designs that I will be releasing in the spring!