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Kitchen Daydreaming

Does anyone else daydream of a clean white kitchen or am I the only one with that obesession? This kitchen below from My Sweet Savannah will do the trick..white/gray/black accents and a pop of floral color -- okay, I'll take it! #houselust


A New Flock

It had been months since we had laying hens and the day finally came that we filled our coop back up with birds. Our last flock was less than ideal and we ended up giving them away to friends. But now we're back in action with 6 new chickens and already receiving beautiful brown eggs! These girls are more friendly, vocal, and excellent producers. Eggs for days!

While we're on the subject of chickens, I added a few leggings to the etsy shop..


Little Moments

Our little family had the most magical time at the zoo earlier this week. My hub took the day off for my (29th!) birthday and we loaded up the car for a day of animals. Glory-Maeve is at such a gentle and curious age -- I wish I could bottle up this time and put it away on a shelf. I suppose photos do that in some way, but it's just not quite the same. How do you savor every smile and squeal? 


More items added!

A few more things added to my etsy shop...quilts, and bibs, and necklaces, oh my!



A selection of bibs available in the shop...


Coming Soon to Etsy Shop: Button Up Girl Dress

Another sneak peek before your weekend! This little button-up dress for littel girls. Darling, right? I'm in the process of getting everything prepped and uploaded and should have the etsy shop stocked over the next few days!


Coming Soon to Etsy Shop: Women's Silk Tunic

I made a batch of my favorite summer tunic in this lovely (limited edition) grey silk fabric -- available next week in my etsy shop. Simply put, it's buttery. I'm typically a big fan of a tunic but it's also working really well right now for my growing baby bump. It's light-weight, comfy, and chic.

I've had interest in the pattern that I used for this tunic. It's actually my pattern and hope to have it available to purchase as a PDF download in the coming weeks.


Etsy Shop Opening Soon!

After the crazy spring I had with the new bridal collection and fashion show, I've been enjoying a small break from sewing white dresses. There are several things I've made for myself and my daugther that I thought I'd like to share with the rest of the world and so I have decided to launch an etsy shop geared toward "Mama" and "Mini." Everything will be limited edition and limited stock. Short runs, ready to ship, and (of course) all made by hand.

I'll be sharing a few sneak peeks the rest of this week but below is one of the baby quilts I'll be listing. Although most of the items will be apparel, I have been experiementing will small-scale quilting and jewelry making. More coming soon! I plan to have the shop stocked by Monday.