Whitney Deal
Mother + wife + maker living in North Carolina






Kat's Custom Dress

I've had the opportunity to work one-on-one with a few brides this year. The experience reminds me so much of making my own wedding dress with my mom and it feels refreshing to be a part of that process with other people. 

Kat came to me with a vision of pink for her wedding day and a touch of sparkle! We went with a very subtle silk pink fabric for her strapless "Belle" dress and paired it with a netted, sparkly, off the shoulder-type cardigan. The combo was gorgeous. She also asked me to make a sweet flower dress for her daughter -- which we did from a peach cotton fabric that featured a peter pan collar. Perfection!


Handmade Teepee

I had the grand idea of building a teepee for Glory Maeve a few months back -- I figured it couldn't be too hard. Ha. I quickly learned that this would probably be the last teepee I tried to DIY. However, I'm not necessarily disappointed with how it turned out. It ended up being a lot smaller than I thought and has turned into a resting place for her stuffed animal collection. 

When building it, I used several pieces of wood that I bundled together at the top and began weaving fabric strips through. To secure the fabric, I used a hot glue gun and covered a piece of foam for the base of the teepee. I alternated different types of fabric strips to give it more texture, bound the top with twine, and stuck a paper fan in the top -- ta-da!


Shop Update :: New Bibs

I add new bib styles to my etsy shop (almost) weekly in limited quantities so be sure to check them out! Here are few new ones..


Color Story #1

This is a photograph I took at a wedding in Maine of a bridal bouquet assembled by some talented friends of mine. The color palette is simply perfect and I couldn't help but bottle it up and store it away for a future project -- you just never know!

And just like that, a new series is born. I'll be sharing more color stories from my photographs soon... Hope you enjoy!


Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

Anyone else out there ready to begin layering?! I love a change in season and anticipate it way earlier than I should but it's fun to daydream about adding new pieces to your wardrobe to compliment existing staples. With this outfit I'm layering a checkered button-up with vibrant, slouchy red sweater. I've got a few pairs of these toothpick style pants and I just can't say goodbye to my pons sandals yet! Top it all off with a patterned infinity scarf and these super fun hexy earring studs.


Mickey Mouse Button-Up Tunic

Remember this botanical button-up? My daughter, Glory Maeve, is in the middle of a Mickey Mouse obsession and I whipped up a similar top in a tunic length featuring vintage-inspired Mickey fabric. My daugther was thrilled... :)


Now Available: Pink + Sunny Baby Quilt

I recently added this sweet new baby quilt to my etsy shop -- it's a pink/peach/white/cream/gold pinwheel-inspired square baby quilt with overlapping wavey line quilting, hand-sewn binding, and white backing (that was a mouth full!). It's super cheery and sunny! Enjoy..


Mercer Lessie <3

On August 25th we welcomed our second daughter to the world! She was a whopper, 8lb 5 oz and every bit of cute! We had two sweet, seemingly healthy days in the hospital before heading home to reunite with big sister. Unfortunately, that evening our sweet girl appeared to have something wrong and after two ER visits that night we found ourselves in the NICU with a team of doctors and nurses working vigourously to figure out what was wrong with Mercer. 

Unknowingly to us, our daughter was born with a heart defect (coarctation of the aorta) that needed immediate attention. On Sept 3rd (big sister's birthday), Mercer had heart surgery to repair her heart. Her surgery went well and she recovered for the next week and a half. When she turned three weeks old, we were discharged from the hospital and finally headed home. 

I can't quite explain the roller coaster of emotions Dustin and I experienced during those first three weeks but we were comforted by friends, family, and strangers that prayed for our family and helped us during our stay at the hospital. You never expect to find yourself in situations like that, and it can be so difficult to put your trust into the hands of nurses, doctors, and surgeons but we are forever grateful for their knowledge, compassion, and expertise. 

Mercer is recovering well from surgery and will be monitored by a cardiologist for the rest of her life. We continue to pray that the repairs to her heart will continute to grow as they should. She is such a special little girl and she has forever made me a heart mom, and for that I am grateful <3