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Rows of Flying Geese

I was able to complete two quilts for christmas presents this past year with my mom's help. Below is a quilt we made for the younger of my two older brothers (did that make sense?). We decided on jumbo flying geese for the piecing and a color palette that we thought they might like. We had it quilted on the long-arm using a looped pattern. I think they were pretty happy with their gift :)

It's so hard to photograph large quilts -- I need to figure out a better way to do that.

And I'm pretty sure the back is just as good as the front. A minimalist block arrangement...

All fabrics available in my mom's etsy shop


This Little Light of Mine

As you may remember when my daugther Mercer was born, she came with an undiagonsed heart defect that sent our heads whirling. It was a terrifying time in our lives and we were extremely fortuante to have caught her defect in enough time. Her medical condition (coartcation of the aorta) opened up my eyes to the world of congential heart defects. It was something I had vaguely heard of but lumped it into the category of things that I didn't worry too much about because so much emphasis is placed on other (less common) defects and because I had a seemingly healthy 20 week anatomy ultrasound. But oh what I've learned since...

A few things about congentinal heart defects:
- CHD's are the most common birth defect 
- 1 in 110 babies are born with one
- About 40,000 babies are born each year with a CHD
- 25% of babies born with a CHD will have to have a life-saving surgery
(my Mercer was one of those!)
- There is no known prevention or cure 
- There are over 40 types of CHD
- Twice as many chidlren die from CHD than from all forms of childhood cancers combined 

So! With all that being said, February 7-14 is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week and in honor of that, I'm selling a children's t-shirt in my etsy shop -- the proceeds of which will go to the Mended Little Hearts organization. Mended Little Hearts reached out to us while we were in the hospital with Mercer and we deeply appreciated their support.

Big sisters have to get in on all the fun... T-Shirt sizes available: 2 through 5/6

And a little update on Miss Mercer: She is now 5 months old and doing well :) We still have routine cardiologist appointments every couple of months to see how her repair is doing. So far, so good. It's something we will have to keep a close eye on since she has so much growing to do. But if you didn't know any better...she is a happy, sweet, and silly baby! ..With a special little heart <3


Handmade Pot-Holders

In addition to the table runners that I made for Christmas this past year, I also put together pot-holders to compliment the table runners as well as to have extras for additional presents. I enjoyed making these so much for a number of reasons...
- they were quick
- I used up left-over scraps and half-square-triangles
- each one was different 
- no rules, just improv piecing and quilting 

Here are just a few..


Nursery Re-Do

Sometimes things don't always work out as planned.  I'm pretty sure that was my anthem for 2014 -- but what can you do except to just go with it.

You might remember Mercer's nursery that I posted a few months ago. Well, we ended up swapping rooms. You see, Glory Maeve's room was right beside ours and Mercer's room was down the hall (and by down the hall...I mean like not THAT much further) but when Mercer was born with a heart defect we kept her in a bassinet in our room for a bit longer than expected. So when we finally did decide to move her to a crib, we still wanted her as close as possible. Make sense? We moved Glory Maeve into Mercer's nursery and Mercer got Glory Maeve's room. Long story short (or maybe that was just the long story), I'm in the processing of sprucing up Mercer's "second-hand" nursery re-do. 

I wanted to tie in the colors of the baby quilt her Grandma made for her...

...but  also stick with my favorite light and bright style. Here are few things I'm pondering over and a few things I've already clicked "purchase" on ;)

1. Foil-Stamped Art Print
2. Cinema Floor Lamp
3. Triangle Printed Pouf
4. Leka Rattles
5. Gold Dot Crib Sheet
6. Half Tone Cube Basket
7. Toy Storage Box
8. Whale Bookends 

Oh! and if you're into the foil-stamped goodness like I am, get 20% off over at Minted on foil cards, gifts, and art!


Flying Geese Baby Quilt - Now in the shop!

I listed a new baby quilt in my etsy shop -- this modern flying geese goodness found below! Four colors: Mint, navy, coral/orange, and white. I strayed from the traditional straight line quilting and went with a loop design, I think it really helps beak up the negative space.

Also, there is a second one listed that I accidentally touched with my iron (blah!). The burn mark is hardly noticeable but I did try to get it out by washing it...so it's already nice and crinkled :)


Hemlock Tees

I love a good slouchy tee, who doesn't? Now that all of my holiday sewing is behind me, I've been busy working on a few things for myself. First up is the Hemlock Tee by Jen of Grainline Studio. LOVE this. It's a free, one-size pattern that sews up quickly. I ordered a few bamboo knit fabrics -- one to make an all over green striped tee, and the other to do a color block with navy & white. I ended up bringing in the side seams quite a bit to fit me better, but that was super simple. Now on to my next personal project...


Handmade Table Runners

I wanted to make a quilt for all of my family member's Christmas presents...BUT, there are just not enough hours in the day. The next best thing was to make table runners! I pulled together my scraps and was able to make each one different -- and even experimented with machine quilting on my regular sewing machine. 


Hello, 2015!

It's a new year, thank goodness! 2014 proved to be a crazy one and I'm hoping that 2015 will be much quieter -- except for the fact that I'm turning 30(!) this year. We had a wonderful Christmas with our girls (as you can see from the doctor/chef below) but now I'm excited to get back to this blogging space with lots of goodness to make and share!