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Mercer Lessie <3

On August 25th we welcomed our second daughter to the world! She was a whopper, 8lb 5 oz and every bit of cute! We had two sweet, seemingly healthy days in the hospital before heading home to reunite with big sister. Unfortunately, that evening our sweet girl appeared to have something wrong and after two ER visits that night we found ourselves in the NICU with a team of doctors and nurses working vigourously to figure out what was wrong with Mercer. 

Unknowingly to us, our daughter was born with a heart defect (coarctation of the aorta) that needed immediate attention. On Sept 3rd (big sister's birthday), Mercer had heart surgery to repair her heart. Her surgery went well and she recovered for the next week and a half. When she turned three weeks old, we were discharged from the hospital and finally headed home. 

I can't quite explain the roller coaster of emotions Dustin and I experienced during those first three weeks but we were comforted by friends, family, and strangers that prayed for our family and helped us during our stay at the hospital. You never expect to find yourself in situations like that, and it can be so difficult to put your trust into the hands of nurses, doctors, and surgeons but we are forever grateful for their knowledge, compassion, and expertise. 

Mercer is recovering well from surgery and will be monitored by a cardiologist for the rest of her life. We continue to pray that the repairs to her heart will continute to grow as they should. She is such a special little girl and she has forever made me a heart mom, and for that I am grateful <3


Final Countdown

This is our last full weekend as a family of three (not including the donkey below ;) before my scheduled c-section next week. I'm trying to savor each moment now yet welcome every bit of excitment that comes with the anticipation of a new baby. I do know that I'm ready to no longer be pregnant, but that's to be expected as the end draws near -- but I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to spend my summer with my daugther, Glory Maeve. She has grown so much the past couple of months and I can't wait to see her take on becoming a big sister. Next week, feel free to send any thoughts and prayers our way!

I've got on an oversized Mercer Tunic which has been my go-to shirt this pregnancy -- excited to finally wear the ones I've made without a bump!


Hers + Mine :: Navy Sneakers

A nice, neutral sneaker that transitions well between seasons is exactly what I'm on the market for. I've chosen this pair by Cienta Kids for my daugther and I'm eyeing this lace-up by Tretorn for myself..

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Quilting + The Longarm

If you follow me on instagram (or even here on my blog), it's no secret that I've been bit by the quilting bug. After working so passionately on my spring collection of wedding dresses, I believe I've been yearning for an opportunity to experiment with color, pattern, and cotton. 

Even though I've been involved with my mom's sewing shop for a few years now, the idea of quilting never really interested me. But when I stumbled across a few unique quilts on pinterest, something sparked up inside of me. So here I am, almost 10 quilts later, intrigued by this creative world and wanting to learn more. 

I'm fortunate that my mom's shop offers longarm services and I have started dabbling a bit with the machine. It's an intimidating piece of equipment (her's can load up to a king size quilt) but to be able to have the control and ease of quilting on my own is really exciting. So I'm learning -- and it's so fun!

I'm working on figuring out my "quilting style" so to speak and have been trying to get a handle on using the machine as well as figure out stitching patterns and techniques that interest me. I'm very excited for the endless creative possibilities! And as you can see below, I have a helper who is obessesed with sewing and pinning (yes, that sounded dangerous -- but she now has her own pin cushion and carefully places pins into it...start young, yes?).


Persimmon Quilt Top

My mom just received a large selection of layer cakes and charm packs for her sewing store so I decided to take on two Persimmon charm packs and make this lap quilt. This collection has a nice color palette and I love it against the white base..now on to figuring out how to quilt it and finish it up...

Have I mentioned that I've been experimenting with long-arm quilitng? Oh yeah.


Hello Honey Trunk Show: Aug 15 - 22

My collection of wedding dresses will be making a stop in Cookeville, TN for a trunk at Hello Honey! If you are in the area be sure to make an appointment.

Photo below from the Smitten Magazine feature -- Image by Alissa Saylor Photography


Sailboat Top

This is the second nautical themed garment I've made for my daugther which is actually pretty out of character for me. We didn't have the opportunity to vacation near the water this summer so maybe it was a subconscious decision on my part. Anywho! I went with this Oliver + S pattern in the shirt version with Sarah Jane Sail Away fabric. After I finished sewing it, I immediately questioned my decision to go with an all white fabric (even though it's super adorable) -- we're just in the middle of toddlerhood where everything ends up on her clothing..oh well :)


Nursery #2

My second daugther is due in just a few short weeks so we've been in the process of converting our guest bedroom/office into a second nursery. Although I love daydreaming about a beautifully decorated room for the bundle, I've found myself repurposing so many things that I already owned to create a simple, sweet little space. There are still a few things that need to be finished but I thought I shared a few photos of the progress..