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I have a small addiction to making bibs...


Etsy Shop Opening Soon!

After the crazy spring I had with the new bridal collection and fashion show, I've been enjoying a small break from sewing white dresses. There are several things I've made for myself and my daugther that I thought I'd like to share with the rest of the world and so I have decided to launch an etsy shop geared toward "Mama" and "Mini." Everything will be limited edition and limited stock. Short runs, ready to ship, and (of course) all made by hand.

I'll be sharing a few sneak peeks the rest of this week but below is one of the baby quilts I'll be listing. Although most of the items will be apparel, I have been experiementing will small-scale quilting and jewelry making. More coming soon! I plan to have the shop stocked by Monday.


Exciting News!

We couldn't be more thrilled to be having another little girl in August!


An "Over" Dress

This is what I call an "over"dress. When you have the little one ready to go with long sleeves and pants, and you just need a little something extra. 

Once again made with Rae's lovely Geranium pattern!


Holiday Dress

Remember this botanical dress? I decided to make that dress again for my daughter but this time in a more festive fabric for the holidays. Many of you have asked about the pattern, and it's actually a vintage pattern from my stash...I've included a photo of it below. 

For children's dresses, there is usually a pretty deep hem (this one called for a 3" hem) so I like to do a couple of rows of parallel hem stitches to add stability -- and I just like the way it looks! 

Is it just me? But don't you just love that vintage patterns only come in one size? You don't have all those other sizes to cut away...keeps everything clean, tidy, and less bulky :)


Tiny Cottons

This whole set of cherry neon big dot children's pieces is perfection. Just look at that henley body suit! By Tiny Cottons, all 100% pima cotton.

Happy Monday!


Chicken Leggings + Lara Casey Shop

Good news! I've partnered with the Lara Casey Shop to bring you more chicken legging goodness! The leggings will be sold exclusivley through their shop and you can head on over right now to preorder. Just in time for the holidays!


Little Chef!

My girl likes to eat. She is the type of baby that you have to be very prepared to feed her at mealtimes or you're going to have a melt down. So I chose to channel her enthusiam for food into her Halloween costume this year. I used this pattern to create her tiny chef look!