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When I was in college I took a couple of printmaking and surface design classes. I had a blast and always wanted to get back into it. Recently I purchased an Indigo Dye Kit for fun and played around with a few yards of white fabric. 

With one piece of yardage, I made a pair of bloomers for my youngest daugther. I could have gone ahead and made the bloomers before dying the fabric but I liked the idea of choosing what part of the dye job I liked best.

Then I went with a Maeve Jumper for the oldest daugther. Both perfect staples for summertime.


Shine On

It is one of the most exciting feelings to see the things I've made out in the real world. From baby bibs to sewing patterns, I am overjoyed to see a little piece of my world pop up in someone elses. What gets me almost teary eyed is when I see a This Little Light of Mine tee. When I see a gummy baby or roaring toddler wearing this shirt, it makes my heart sing.

My hub has been asking for an adult version for many months now and I haven't yet pulled the plug. If I do, I'll be sure to let you know!

And the 9-month-old with 6(!) teeth who inspired it all...


Baby Sunsuit

As much as I enjoy making clothing for myself and my girls -- I've never been a big fan of making baby clothing. It's because there are only certain types of clothes that actually fit babies well and comfortably. Those being knit onesies,leggings, and rompers, am I right? You make a baby dress and as soon as you try to hold that baby, the dress is creeping up on her. So I stick to making baby bibs and such...

I was going through my rather large stash of sewing patterns when I found this little sunsuit. It was a pattern that my mom had purchased to use for me when I was baby. I thought it might be something I could make for the 8-month-old that she could wear easily. 

Why did I not find this little gem sooner? I've already made two of these sunsuits and am contemplating my next!

I went with a double gauze for both of the suits -- both fabrics can be found here. Double gauze works well for garments and since this is for warmer weather, it's super breathable for the higher temps. And it doesn't hurt that the more you wash double gauze, the softer it gets.

So cute, right?

Here is the pattern for those interested -- it has a date of 1984. I'm also considering a beach bonnett next for my lady


Ribbon Blog Tour : Bonnie Christine + Renaissance Ribbons

I'm excited to be a part of Bonnie Christine's ribbon blog tour! If you are not already familiar with Bonnie's work -- she is a super talented surface pattern designer and also writes the blog, Going Home to Roost. I appreciate her aesthetic, voice, and creative purpose so it was a lot of fun to use a few of her products to make something with. I chose to go with baby bibs and bloomers! A perfect little set for your little one or for a baby shower gift. 

Pretty darling, yes? I stitched up a pair of bloomers from my bloomer sewing pattern and hand-stitched a bow front and center. The bow is purely for decoration so it will stay in place. These bloomers are going directly into my daugther's summer wardrobe :)

Using my bib pattern, I accented each bib with a piece of ribbon to separate the fabrics. Super simple -- just top-stitch the ribbon directly on to the pieced together bib fabrics. 

Feel free to continue on with the ribbon blog tour! Before me was Amy Watkins of Cozy Reverie and tomorrow will be Alexis Wright of My Sweet Sunshine Studio. It's fun to see the different projects and directions others are taking. See the whole collection of Bonnie's ribbons here.


Bib Pattern: Tips & Tricks

I've been making this baby bib for three years now. I don't know the exact count but I would say I have put together over a 100 of those little guys. I've come up with a few tips and tricks that make the bibs feel more finished and professional.

1. Make sure the fabric strips are parallel. I often mark lines on my pattern so that once I have my strips sewn together, I can line everything up perfectly from side to side.

2. Use a rotary and cutting mat to get accurate cuts. Honestly, I use a rotary every time I sew no matter the project. I have different size rotary cutters depending the project. For the bib pattern, you would want to use a smaller rotarty cutter because of all the curves.

3. Sew slowly and get your curves as perfect as you can. This bib is one curve after another and if you don't get them nice and round, it will all show once your bib is turned to the right side. I repeat, go slow and make nice curves -- it will pay off.

4. Edgestitch right along the edge. For my Bernina sewing machine, I use this presser foot to achieve a perfect edgestitch. 

And those are just a few tips to making perfect bibs every time! If you ever have questions, never hesitate to send them my way.


Baby Bloomers

I'm teaching a baby bloomers class this Saturday at my mom's store and it could not have come at a better time. I'm OVER cold weather and the idea of making things for my girls that allow for bare legs puts me in a good mood. I've been tweaking my knickers sewing pattern to make a shorter version with the hopes of releasing it as a download pattern (fingers crossed that happens!). So far I'm pretty happy with it because it's little yardage and doesn't take very long to whip up. Now I just need to get my test model to participate and see how well they hold up to a two-year-olds standards :)

Fabric found here.


This Little Light of Mine

As you may remember when my daugther Mercer was born, she came with an undiagonsed heart defect that sent our heads whirling. It was a terrifying time in our lives and we were extremely fortuante to have caught her defect in enough time. Her medical condition (coartcation of the aorta) opened up my eyes to the world of congential heart defects. It was something I had vaguely heard of but lumped it into the category of things that I didn't worry too much about because so much emphasis is placed on other (less common) defects and because I had a seemingly healthy 20 week anatomy ultrasound. But oh what I've learned since...

A few things about congentinal heart defects:
- CHD's are the most common birth defect 
- 1 in 110 babies are born with one
- About 40,000 babies are born each year with a CHD
- 25% of babies born with a CHD will have to have a life-saving surgery
(my Mercer was one of those!)
- There is no known prevention or cure 
- There are over 40 types of CHD
- Twice as many chidlren die from CHD than from all forms of childhood cancers combined 

So! With all that being said, February 7-14 is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week and in honor of that, I'm selling a children's t-shirt in my etsy shop -- the proceeds of which will go to the Mended Little Hearts organization. Mended Little Hearts reached out to us while we were in the hospital with Mercer and we deeply appreciated their support.

Big sisters have to get in on all the fun... T-Shirt sizes available: 2 through 5/6

And a little update on Miss Mercer: She is now 5 months old and doing well :) We still have routine cardiologist appointments every couple of months to see how her repair is doing. So far, so good. It's something we will have to keep a close eye on since she has so much growing to do. But if you didn't know any better...she is a happy, sweet, and silly baby! ..With a special little heart <3


Nursery Re-Do

Sometimes things don't always work out as planned.  I'm pretty sure that was my anthem for 2014 -- but what can you do except to just go with it.

You might remember Mercer's nursery that I posted a few months ago. Well, we ended up swapping rooms. You see, Glory Maeve's room was right beside ours and Mercer's room was down the hall (and by down the hall...I mean like not THAT much further) but when Mercer was born with a heart defect we kept her in a bassinet in our room for a bit longer than expected. So when we finally did decide to move her to a crib, we still wanted her as close as possible. Make sense? We moved Glory Maeve into Mercer's nursery and Mercer got Glory Maeve's room. Long story short (or maybe that was just the long story), I'm in the processing of sprucing up Mercer's "second-hand" nursery re-do. 

I wanted to tie in the colors of the baby quilt her Grandma made for her...

...but  also stick with my favorite light and bright style. Here are few things I'm pondering over and a few things I've already clicked "purchase" on ;)

1. Foil-Stamped Art Print
2. Cinema Floor Lamp
3. Triangle Printed Pouf
4. Leka Rattles
5. Gold Dot Crib Sheet
6. Half Tone Cube Basket
7. Toy Storage Box
8. Whale Bookends 

Oh! and if you're into the foil-stamped goodness like I am, get 20% off over at Minted on foil cards, gifts, and art!