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Daily Wear :: getting my groove back

You go nine months where your body takes on a mind of its own,  stretching to lengths you never thought possible. Then post-partum you're still not back to normal and your ta-tas (if you're breastfeeding) now start to complicate getting dressed every day. All of this can take a beating on your style and self-image. Granted your responsiblity has now shifted greatly to more important things it's still a bit sad to look at your wardrobe. 

But I'm not going to keep sounding all doom and gloom, because I'm getting my dressing groove back :) 

Top: JCrew
Jeans: Uniqlo
Loafers: Bass
Heart: Bando 


For Myself - Daily Wear

Although I spend my days making clothing for other people, I sometimes (or maybe I should say.. somehow?!) find the time to whip up something for myself. I recently took the glea blouse and made it out of a liberty print that I purchased last year. And I love it.

jacket - uniqlo  /  skirt - urban outfitters  /  boots - apc


Daily Wear 11-04-10

It's been awhile, right? I can't tell you how much I had to brighten this photo...it is so rainy and dark today. I'm okay with it though, just as long as it doesn't stick around for too long. 

daily wear 11-04-10

dress: steven alan
shirt: tova top by wiksten (i made this in jenny's sewing class
boots: vintage justin


Daily Wear 08-23-10

This has pretty much become my favorite dress....I wear it all of the time. Today is rainy and cool and I'm so happy to throw leggings one and wear it once more. 

daily wear 08-23-10

dress: made by me
cardigan: gap
leggings: american apparel
shoes: marais usa


Daily Wear 07-08-10

I'm just trying to stay cool like everybody else. And yes, this is me on our deck...we have a deck in our new apt...awesome. It may be the smallest deck possible and faces a concrete wall, but it's a deck right?!

daily wear 07-08-10

tank: gap
skirt: vintage
sneaks: keds
necklace: dores 

The pup sure seems to enjoy it.



Daily Wear 06-20-10

This is my first attempt at drafting, sewing, and wearing a romper. 

daily wear 06-20-10


Daily Wear 05-31-10

daily wear 05-31-10

dress: steven alan
shoes: chuck taylors
socks: american apparel 


Daily Wear 05-21-10

daily wear 05-21-10

shirt: gap
skirt: made by me
leggings: american apparel
boots: timberland