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Handmade Stockings

I started making these stockings (from this pattern) over two years ago! You know me, I like to take a pattern and make it my own, so I ended up using the pinwheels and chevron just along the top of the stockings and finishing off the bottom in a linen upholstry fabric. I trimmed them out with satin and grosgrain ribbon. Just need real stocking hangers now instead of just tape!


Christmas Cards 2014

I teamed up with Minted again this year for my Christmas cards. My family went through so much this year with my newborn daugther's heart surgery that I wanted a card that would allow us to share a little more than normal and give us space to express our gratitude. Minted had these booklette cards that did the trick! They gave me the space to share photos of my girls and give thanks, especially since we didn't get around to sending out a birth announcement.

And I just couldn't help myself with the heart theme because of my little heart baby :)


Minted: Foil-Pressed Art Prints + Giveaway!

So I'm kind of in love with these new foil-pressed art prints found over at Minted -- I mean, it shines...enough said. We're considering flipping our daughters bedrooms (to have the baby's room closer to ours) and a few of these prints just might do the trick to spruce up their rooms. Here are just a few of my favorites...

pssst...$250 giveaway info found at the bottom of this post!

(btw, if you can't tell from the photo below...Glory Maeve has been an incredibly sweet big sister)

These two below..swoon <3 <3

It's also that time of year again and I've got to get serious about finalizing a holiday card! I'm leaning toward the new booklette card but these two flat cards caught my eye as well...

And now for a giveaway!!

It's a steal, friends -- a $250 credit to be used on anything you'd like over at Minted! Enter to win here. Ends Tuesday, Nov 25th. Enjoy!


Little Bo Peep + Sheep

We went with a Little Bo Peep theme this year for Halloween and I'm so happy with how Glory Maeve's costume turned out! She loves to twirl in it and I can't wait to see her prance around on Halloween. I made it from this pattern by Simplicity using Crystal Arrowheads fabric by April Rhodes. Little sister got in on the act with an adorable crocheted sheep hat.


A Very Merry Christmas!

I'm signing off until the new year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is not what it looks like outside my house in North Carolina -- I had to pull this snow photo from many years ago. Fingers crossed we get some kind of snowflake over the next few weeks!

Oh! And for a good chuckle, please take a look at a recent package I received in the mail.


Our Holiday Cards

Very excited to share with you the holiday cards I chose for our family from Minted! So many choices, but I finally went with a card that paired well with the custom wrapping paper and gift tags that I also ordered. We are all ready to go now, time to start stuffing envelopes and wrapping presents! Guys, it's only three weeks until Christmas!

Ribbon Noel Holiday Card - Meshed with Love Gift Tags - Silver Glitter Ribbon
(all from Minted)

Block Print Branches Wrapping Paper - Winter Pines Personalized Wrapping Paper - Vintage Type Personalized Wrapping Paper - Berry Kraft Wrapping Paper
(all from Minted)


Time for a Festive Giveaway!

It's already November, whoa -- time to put on your holiday hats! Minted recently launched a line of customizable wrapping paper that I've got my eyes on for gifts this year. Such a clever idea, yes? I love the patterns and that the paper doubles as a keepsake.

So on to the good stuff! I've partnered with Minted to bring you an awesome giveaway! Enter here for a chance to win a $150 credit to Minted to spend on anything you would like! I'm the process of picking out our Christmas cards this year -- question? For photo cards, do you prefer a photo of just your kids or do you include yourself in the Christmas card photo? 

Enjoy the giveaway! Ends Monday, November 11th.


Little Chef!

My girl likes to eat. She is the type of baby that you have to be very prepared to feed her at mealtimes or you're going to have a melt down. So I chose to channel her enthusiam for food into her Halloween costume this year. I used this pattern to create her tiny chef look!