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Kitchen Daydreaming

Does anyone else daydream of a clean white kitchen or am I the only one with that obesession? This kitchen below from My Sweet Savannah will do the trick..white/gray/black accents and a pop of floral color -- okay, I'll take it! #houselust


Yummy + Simple

Two things caught my eye this week online and they both included sugar. Is there anything more perfect than a multi-layer, simply iced cake? I'm going to need to bookmark these and add them to my "to-bake" list.

Hazelnut and Strawberry Celebration Cake from Seven Spoons... 

Vanilla Cake, Lemon Filling with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream via For me, For you...

And you may remember this bad boy, a classic white with buttercream that I whipped up last year. I need to try my hand at more than two layers...


Back in the Day

My sister-in-law got me the Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook for Christmas and it finally arrived this week! I'm an old fashioned buttercream cupcake kind of girl and when we lived in Savannah, they made the absolute best. To have the recipe in my hands along with countless other treats is so exciting..I'd love to bake my way through the book, Julia Childs style...so we'll see :)


Mignon Kitchen Co.

Who's ready to bake? I can't get over Rachel's new online store, Mignon Kitchen Co. It's adorable and refreshing and makes me want to get into the kitchen -- which doesn't happen very often :) I especially love her tips & tricks section.


Gingham Picnic Plate

Wouldn't this just be perfect? 


Nadia's Kitchen

I'm sort of in love with this photo of Nadia Izruna's (of the label Nadinoo) kitchen. It feels so peaceful and as if you could stand looking out of that window for hours. 

photo by hilary walker


Tiny Blue Kitchen

If one were to have a kitchen so small ... I hope mine would be as cute as this one...

via apartment therapy


Our cabinet-less kitchen

We knew we would need to get creative with our storage when we saw there were no cabinets in our new kitchen -- whoops, I'm sorry, there is one underneath the sink and a shallow glass cabinet above the stove. My china cabinet and pyrex shelf (you'll see below) have been moved to the hall which makes for a nice showcase of dishes, but for the most part we've downsized to the essentials and haven't looked back.


Though I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea -- I would like to thank them for their kitchen storage solutions. Who knows where we would be without those shelves (above).


Above is the massive glass "medicine" cabinet I was talking about -- not quite deep enough for plates but showcases our glass collection quite nicely :)


Our last kitchen felt like a dungeon so the extra windows are a breath of fresh air. You can also see a peak of our Flor tiles in the above photo....love, love, love those carpet tiles.

pyrex shelf

Out in the hallway -- our pyrex collection. To see more pictures just head over to my flickr website.