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Little Moments

Our little family had the most magical time at the zoo earlier this week. My hub took the day off for my (29th!) birthday and we loaded up the car for a day of animals. Glory-Maeve is at such a gentle and curious age -- I wish I could bottle up this time and put it away on a shelf. I suppose photos do that in some way, but it's just not quite the same. How do you savor every smile and squeal? 


Exciting News!

We couldn't be more thrilled to be having another little girl in August!


Right Now

Do you ever have days where you just can't seem to get everything done and you just end up spinning your wheels? I've been having a few of those lately. I'm officially all moved in to my new studio space and it is awesome. I couldn't be happier to be out of the house! But all that moving and organzing with orders to fulfill and a new collection brewing -- oh yeah and a budding toddler running around -- the days are just too short. Let me stop myself from complaining further and say I'm incredibly thankful. It's a positive chaos.

Here is a peek of the space before. I've got a few more things to do before I can take on new appointments (like build a dressing room) but we're getting closer!


NYC Recap

I had a wonderful time in New York last weekend even though it was a jam packed trip! Here's a peek..

I went to the NYC Ballet for the first time and it was amazing! Before the ballet, we had dinner at Robert Restaurant that overlooked Columbus Circle. We were there at the perfect time to watch the sunset over Central Park.

The theater was to die for, the chandlier was goregous. The next morning I headed over to the Bridal Market and had the opportunity to meet Myra of Twigs & Honey in person! I've made to so many friends online through the years and it's so nice to actually see them in real life.

This was my first time at Bridal Market and it was huge! Afterwards, I made a pit stop at my favorite cupcake shop in the East Village, Butter Lane. 

I spent an entire day sourcing for my upcoming collection. The garment district isn't huge but you can still manage to get exhausted running around from store to store. 

And I also made the trip up to Tinsel Trading Co. -- love that store, especially this Halloween display.

And I ended a trip with an appearance at the Martha Stewart Bridal Market Party! So fun!


Instagram Goodness

A peek into what I've been up to lately according to my instagram (@whitneydeal) feed. 


First Birthday!

We celebrated Glory Maeve's first birthday this labor day weekend! It was simply perfect. I find it so amazing to look back on pictures from this first year, how fast they grow and change. She has changed me more than I could have imagined and I love her more and more each day. 


Almost 1

Lordy, we're just around the corner from Glory Maeve's first birthday. The last 6 months have completely zoomed by. She has brought so much joy to our lives and has been such an easy baby (I like how Jen refers to it as a gateway baby, one so sweet and easy you could just have a million more). I knew having a baby would change my life, I just didn't realize how much better life would be with her in it.


Taking time to breath..

I have a chronic problem -- over-doing it. I like to take on and do more than the hours in a day will allow. I love to work, I love to make, I love to stay busy and I'm pretty sure you've figured that out if you've read my blog for even the shortest amount of time. But we're approaching Glory Maeve's first birthday and this year has really shifted the way I live and my ability to take on so much. She has taught me the importance of slowing down. I can't stay up all night working on my latest project because I have a budding toddler to watch after the next day. And frankly, it's refreshing.

I've been unconsciously reprogramming my brain over these past few months to take on less and focus on the things that I really want to do. And really spend the weekends work free..gasp! This coincides with my previous post about our wedding photography (Oh, Darling) and scaling back -- as well as a few changes to my clothing design and online shops that I plan to share in the coming weeks. All positive and amazing changes. 

I thought I would just share this thought bubble with you since it's been weighing on my mind. It's like I kept finding myself feeling disappointed when I wasn't checking things off my to-do list fast enough. It took me some time to realize that my list just needed to change. Have you ever been in a similar place? A time of transition is always a bit uncomfortable but just a part of life, yes?

Photos are from our trip to Martha's Vineyard earlier this summer...more vacation couldn't hurt either :)