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Scaling Back

I had the grand idea of photographing weddings while in graduate school because I was living in Savannah, GA (where destination weddings run rampant) and I did not want a traditional part time job while in graduate school because I wanted flexibility. I twisted my hub's arm to get him to come with me those first few weddings until we moved to New York and we decided together to give our little business a shot. Long story short, our little business did blossom and we're now about 150 weddings wiser. 

However, life has shifted, as it should. I'm spending most of my days working on my clothing business while chasing around a proficient army crawling baby whose enjoying testing every physical limit, also as she should. So together, Dustin and I have decided to scale back Oh, Darling. Not stop, because we LOVE what we do. But we will be limiting the amount of weddings we do each month. Giving us a few extra weekends to spend with Glory yet continuing to work together photographing awesomely, genuine couples.

We're half way through 2013 (ahhh, mild panic attack) and we've already had a stellar year. Our couples are awesome. And you can always get a peek of what we're up to over on our blog. I only mention this scaling back here on my blog because so many of the people we've worked with have come through this space and I don't want to miss the opportunity to work with more readers because of us being booked up. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Oh, Darling! Lovelies

Amidst sewing away on dresses and a late summer maternity leave, I was able to continue photographing weddings with my hub this year. He deserves so much praise for going above and beyond where I wasn't able to and for picking up my slack when I needed to rest my feet..or eat :) Somehow every year we have these amazing couples reach out to us to photograph their wedding -- people who care more about a genuine, love-filled union than an elaborate affair. Which, to us, is exactly how it should be. 

Here are a few of our effortlessly beautiful brides from 2012...of course you can see more of our work from this year on our Oh, Darling! blog.


The last wedding..

..until our little one arrives! I love this photo the hub captured of one of our couples...isn't her glittery hair piece just awesome? This is actually the last wedding I was able to photograph this summer and it's bittersweet -- but I'm definitely looking forward to taking some time off from the field and spending my days by the sewing machine and prepping for baby. Not much longer!



My talented hub grabbed a few maternity pics of me last week, here is a little peek..


Spring Love

Things slow down for us during the beginning of the year, which is the perfect time to take a break and gear up for the year. It's also when we have the opportunity to get to know our new couples and work with them one on one. And even though spring just started, it's been in full force for several weeks now, meaning we've had goregous weather for photo shoots. 

Here's some black and white goodness for you, the hub's fav. I'm pretty sure he would only work in b/w if he could..

photos by oh darling


Joanna's DIY Bedroom

The hub and I recently photographed Joanna Goddard's lovely bedroom makeover -- head on over to Refinery29 to see more..


Black + White

photos by dustin deal


My Brides

The hub and I just finished up our last wedding of the year..woot woot! Always a bittersweet feeling. This year I had the best brides, and what I mean is the most chill-stylish-awesome brides...ladies that I'd like to be friends with, and that makes my job so much easier.

Here are just a few but you can see more over on the Oh, Darling blog