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Emma Mitchell

Love the following images from photographer, Emma Mitchell -- soft, light and perfectly placed..

found via desire to inspire


hello, fall.

two recent images from aux petits oiseaux make me itch for fall...


Quick commercial break!

A small interruption from my month long A-Z series to bring you a few photographs I've captured lately..

I'm in the midst a large format photography course (the big cameras that you use a black cloth to cover your head with) and have been experimenting with this beast. We have a love/hate relationship, but all and all it's been a great experience. A few shots...

Large Format Photo 1

Large Format Photo 5

The hub and I shot a beautiful Savannah wedding this past weekend. There ceremony was at the Whitefield Chapel at the Bethesda School for Boys (where Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore married a couple of months ago) -- it was so rustic and gorgeous! You can check out more photos here.



Tara Donne

Major interior inspiration & major photography inspiration. I love the work of Tara Donne -- a nice blend of vintage, simple composition, and sophistication. Oh and did I mention the light! Found via Desire to Inspire.


Hump Day, Eye Candy

Two nights ago we had an evening thunderstorm in Savannah about an hour before sunset. While watching a little evening tube -- I glanced out the window and noticed an amazing array of colors in the sky...and documented it as quickly as possible before the light escaped.


Already Friday?!

I've had some major light posting this week -- oops! :) I've just been trucking along through my summer classes: color photography & intro to sewing. Below are a few more goodies from my photo class. It's a five week course so it has been pretty fast paced. I'll be wrapping it up soon and heading into large-format photography, sounds fun! 


In other news, we have our first wedding of the summer this weekend for Oh, Darling! Super excited...a lovely Savannah wedding :) Hopefully it won't be TOO hot! 


Hello Hasselblad

I'm taking a color film photography course this summer and decided to experiment with a hasselblad -- I had heard so much about these guys and thought it would a good time to play with this format.

It feels so good to have it in your hands and then manually roll the film back. For my project I took a series of portraits of the hub. Here are a few..

what a wonderful day.


Have a great weekend!

A fun shot from a photo shoot I had on Tybee Island right before sunset. Have a great 4th!

July 4th